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byTaylor Barnes, March 6, 2019

Club Pilates is well-known in San Diego, given that there are eight studios. You’re bound to have heard of it if you’re at all into Pilates. In our opinion, this location in particular is one of the best because Liberty Station is a fun and convenient area. They offer a variety of classes for different levels and styles – seriously, everything from flow level 1 to cardio sculpt 1.5 to classes that use a TRX suspension training system. They even offer a FREE 30 minute intro class if you’re brand new to Pilates! How rad is that? We know a lot of people (ourselves included) can be a little apprehensive about trying different workouts, but this class is perfect to get you familiar with the reformer and some basic moves.



The 50-minute reformer flow 2 class was flawless. It was a perfect balance of hard without being so hard that you have to give up and take a break. We started with some basic Pilates footwork and then moved onto some ab work. It was fun that Kelley had us try different things that weren’t your standard Pilates core work the entire time. She also didn’t have us do things that were so out of the norm that she left us thinking “She wants us to do what”?! We used the Pilates chair for a bit of the core work before moving onto arms. Kelley was sure to work in some fun balancing challenges for anyone up for the challenge, which made class more fun and entertaining. Then we moved on to booty and standing leg work with moves such as skater. Some were super challenging and our booties felt our hard work the next day. We’re still wondering how Kelley fit so much in 50 minutes and made it go by so quickly.


We’ve been to a lot, and we mean a LOT, of Pilates instructors and Kelley for sure is in our top five based off this class. She has such a good vibe, she’s challenging but encouraging, and she’s funny! She’s honestly everything we want in an instructor. She referred to us all as ‘friends’ throughout class, which just felt so warm and genuine. She skipped songs she wasn’t feeling and called out the reasons why, making most of the class laugh. She’s the type of instructor you go to a certain studio for because she works there.


Liberty Station has it all: grocery stores, a movie theater, a public market with so many food options, too many restaurants to name, shops, the list goes on and on. The cool thing is, if you take a class, you can easily run errands there or meet a friend at class and grab dinner or a glass of wine at a variety of places afterwards. The studio itself is super clean and inviting. There are cubbies for your belongings. The Pilates studio is closed off from the lobby area and front desk, which is nice because it takes away from distractions. They sell grip socks if you forget yours, as they’re required. They also have some other merchandise, most of it branded with ‘Club Pilates’. The bathroom is basic and does not have a shower, not even hair ties (not a big deal but just FYI). Overall, the studio is clean and simple and has a good vibe.

Club Pilates Liberty Station

2750 Dewey Rd Ste. 102, San Diego, CA 92106
Point Loma Pilates $$$$

Club Pilates Liberty Station

Point Loma Pilates, $$$$

2750 Dewey Rd Ste. 102, San Diego, CA 92106

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