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byLizzie Valentin, March 6, 2019

If you’re ready to train like an athlete, then Renegade Fit Camp is for you. With two locations in San Diego, Renegade Fit Camp is the perfect mix of strength training and cardio. The workouts themselves are created by the head trainer, Jamie, who uses human anatomy and science to maximize muscle development with every movement and recovery (sounds technical, but we appreciate it). Don’t be scared by the phrase “Train like an athlete,” because with most workouts, you can tailor each movement to your own capabilities. You’ll leave ready to take on the day!



The workouts Monday – Thursday are focused on certain muscle groups and the Full Body Metabolic Conditioning (METCON) party is left for the weekend. The workouts consist of three stations: Cardio (treadmill & Assault bike), Turf (kettlebell and floor work), and the Racks (dumbbell, pull up bar, and bench work), with 15 minutes at each station. You have the option to start where you’d like, but if you want to get cardio out of the way first, we suggest you get there early to snag your spot. Each station is either timed by the instructor or has a set rep count to achieve before time runs out.

The workouts are explained at the beginning of each class and are also written on whiteboards around the studio, so you can refer to those if you get lost. The class is fast-paced so we recommend showing up 10 minutes early to watch the exercise demonstration and get a feel for the studio. After the explanation portion, you go to the station where you want to start and have about a minute to prepare yourself (stretching, warming up muscles, etc.). We decided to start at the turf with kettlebell exercises working our legs and back (think a plethora of lunges). Throughout the workout, Jamie timed us or we followed the number of reps on the white boards. We then moved over to cardio, where we started on an 8 incline for four minutes and then a 15 incline for another four minutes. Then it was on to the dreaded Assault bike, where we performed a reverse tabata (10 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest). After cardio, we headed towards the racks. We started with pull ups and proceeded through a variety of rows using dumbbells and the TRX. The workout ended with a two-minute stretch, as well as an explanation as to why the workout was formatted a certain way, which we found super helpful.


Jamie is the mastermind behind all the Renegade Fit Camp workouts, so it’s no surprise that he is super passionate. He’s very knowledgeable and able to offer corrections and/or modifications to prevent injury. Jamie has amazing energy and a killer playlist — a mix of heavy metal, rock and top remixes. His uplifting energy makes you want to test your limits, even at 6 am! His classes are normally waitlisted, so we recommend signing up in advance.


The Renegade Fit Camp Point Loma studio is always kept clean (we’ve seen Jamie vacuum the turf) and has plenty of open cubbies for personal items. The studio is also outfitted with blue and white lights around the perimeter and an impressive speaker system. The lobby is fairly small, with a check-in desk, Renegade merch, and water for purchase. However, there are no showers … not convenient if you have to go to work straight from the studio.

Renegade Fit Camp Point Loma

3445 Midway Dr Suite A, San Diego, CA 92110
Point Loma HIIT $$$

Renegade Fit Camp Point Loma

Point Loma Bootcamp, HIIT $$$

3445 Midway Dr Suite A, San Diego, CA 92110

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