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byJacqueline Cooke, July 9, 2017

YogaWorks is the perfect place for experienced yogis and newbies alike. Located in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, it holds its own alongside the many workout studios in the neighborhood. Though it’s not the spa-like experience you’ll get with some of the higher end studios, Yogaworks Back Bay is a calm, inviting place and the front desk staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful. Most importantly though, we felt like we were getting seriously good instruction.



This Vinyasa class is described as suitable for all levels, but it had us working hard for our Savasana. We didn’t waste much time as Renee asked us to flow through some tough transitions like Dolphin to Plank to Chaturanga, Left Side Plank to Dolphin, to Right Elbow Side Plank, Wild Thing and Baby Wild Thing. We were almost excited to get into the standing poses after all of that upper-body work.   

From there, we cycled through standing poses like Warrior III, Pyramid, Triangle and Wide-Legged Forward Bend. Renee offered up opportunities for us to try out various arm balances, headstands and handstands as well. We worked on our abdominal and hip flexor strength with Boat, Standing and Seated Leg Raise. To wrap up the “active” part of our practice, we completed 4 back bends (Bow, Bridge, or Wheel).


Renee at YogaWorks Back Bay is a self-described “crazy yoga teacher”…and we’re crazy about her. We were pretty much mat-to-mat with another student who told us it was “always like this” we see that as a sign of a great class. Renee didn’t disappoint. As any great teacher does, she reminded us of the importance of taking a Child’s Pose or water/towel break when we needed it. She kept things light, commenting how much fun we must be having in some of the trickier poses.

We appreciated that she wasn’t afraid to make corrections. She had a great way of improving people’s poses without making them feel singled out or potentially embarrassed. The whole class was set to cool music, a mix of songs we knew and others that were more traditional yoga music. Her expertise was apparent in the grace she showed with her instruction and in her ease demonstrating complex poses. While it’s clear Renee loves the yoga for the practice, we couldn’t help but admire her long and lean muscles. Talk about inspiration!  


Though it’s located right on Boylston Street in Back Bay, YogaWorks is tricky to find. Keep an eye out for their signature green signage in the upstairs windows. When you walk in, there are shelves to put your shoes, a reception desk and a small but stacked boutique. YogaWorks sells mats, apparel, water bottles, singing bowls, yoga blocks and other yoga-accessories (there’s a pair of leggings we’ve definitely got eyes on). They also have a fully stacked cooler with water, and bottles of Healthade Kombucha (our fave)!

The Back Bay Yogaworks has two practice rooms. One room is a smaller space, with large windows and wood flooring. The other is a larger space with the same wood floors, brick walls and smaller windows. There is a locker room with a few bathroom stalls, showers, old-school metal lockers and space for mat storage. We noticed that there were a few toiletries including shampoo, conditioner and lotion plus a communal hair dryer. We definitely weren’t stoked to get ready here, but it’s doable.

YogaWorks Back Bay

364 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116
Back Bay Yoga $

YogaWorks Back Bay

Back Bay Yoga $

364 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

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