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byCarolyne McManama, January 11, 2019

The newest CorePower location in the Seaport District does not disappoint. It fits in perfectly with the luxe, up-and-coming neighborhood. The studio is tucked away from Seaport Boulevard, located on the ground floor of a fancy office building. But location is the only novelty with CorePower Seaport. You can expect the same consistency among the studio, workout and instructor that you find with the other Boston locations.



Our Yoga Sculpt practice began with a solid flow for warm-up. It was one of those 1 degree mornings in Boston, so we happily welcomed a deep stretch in the heated studio. After getting warm, we worked through a plank series. This included knees to nose, toe taps, mountain climbers and push-ups. Next we grabbed our weights and wen right into lower-body. Our instructor, Jemma, guided us through chair pose and air squats. These look easy. But once you’re on set 15, your lower body is shaking. And Jemma didn’t go easy on us.

What we enjoy most about Yoga Sculpt is the weighted arm series. It seems like arms are constantly incorporated into the flow. We love that. Especially as a supplement to spinning or running, where you aren’t focused as much on your upper extremities. But don’t be fooled – Yoga Sculpt does incorporate a solid amount of cardio. By the end of class, our heart rate was through the roof and we were dripping sweat. Not bad for a freezing cold Sunday morning.


Jordan’s approach to teaching yoga is sweet and supportive with a touch of adventure. Class started out pretty standard light stretching, child’s pose, the norm. Sun A is where things got a little interesting (in a good way) we started bending and twisting, preparing us for what Jordan promised would push us outside of our comfort zone. Sun B brought even deeper twists and backbends this time in crescent lunges for added difficulty. Throughout Sun B Jordan guided us through our breaths really giving us a true breath in each pose before moving on. Then came core which was no joke, Jordan kept us honest and our abs burned as a result. Our peak pose was not something we have ever tried before but with Jordan’s encouragement we went for (standing leg overhead to arm pose). Laughing is encourage in Jordan’s class so when the pose didn’t go quite as we hoped we laughed it off and enjoyed a few extra breaths in child’s pose.


The CorePower Seaport studio has the same exact amenities as the Fenway and Ink Block locations. The layout is just a little bit different. But you can expect two large studios, tons of lockers, cubbies, spacious bathrooms and one shower.

CorePower Yoga Seaport

20 Bond Drive, Boston, MA 02210
Seaport District Yoga $$$

CorePower Yoga Seaport

Seaport District Yoga, $$$

20 Bond Drive, Boston, MA 02210

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