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byJessica Tepper, June 25, 2017

MyStryde was badly in need of an updated review. Our first review was just after the studio opened back in 2016. We had vowed to come back and check in on them. We always keep our word. It’s safe to say an update was necessary.

MyStryde has the group feel and energy of a spin class, but replaces the bikes with treadmills, Woodway treadmills for that matter (the best around). We know, we know, “Running is boring and I don’t want to do it for 10 minutes, never mind an ENTIRE HOUR!”… We promise you this class is dynamic, full of intervals and focuses on form that will keep you super engaged for the entire class.



The Endurance class is all about making you push yourself just out of your comfort zone. Each tread has a pace card that breaks out a speed range based on your running level and intensity so you always have a guide as to how fast you should be going. Class starts with a quick jog at a level 2 to get your muscles warm and then gets into intervals increasing speed from level 2, up to 5 in 30, 60 or 90 second increments. You’ll do this a couple times through with a goal of increasing your speed by 0.01 or 0.02 each time. Then, you’ll bring in inclines too increasing from an incline of 1.0, to 3.0, to 6.0, to 9.0 while increasing your speed. Class usually ends with an all out sprint at your level 6, because hey you gotta go out with a BANG!


Kelli will turn you into a runner. Yep, you read that right. She will teach you how to hold your body while you run, which is something tons of people don’t realize the importance of. Swing your arms front and back, pull up and out of yourself, engage your core and on hills pick up your knees and use that bootay! Betchya you didn’t know about all that? We didn’t either. This stuff is life changing! Mid interval, she will keep time and count down each interval giving you time to slow or speed up your tread, while sharing her own personal self talk mid run that has helped her push through the endless amount of races she’s completed.  Got questions about nutrition, race prep or stretching? She’s got that covered too.


The studio is at the  end of Hanover Street right at Commercial and fits into the picturesque North End like it belongs there. The place is homey with exposed brick throughout, there is a few pieces of retail for purchase in the lobby along with some benches in case you get to class early. There’s two showers in their locker room as well as two bathrooms so you can primp post class if necessary. Parking is much easier than you might think too with the Parcel 7 Garage offering $1 parking for up to 3 hours as long as you validate your ticket (which you can do at any shop in the market below the garage).


456 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113
North End Running $$$


North End Running, HIIT $$$

456 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

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