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byJessica Tepper, June 25, 2017

Ok, honestly we weren’t sure what the intensity level of this bootcamp style class was going to be. Blame the fitness world for conditioning our minds to assume less is less. That is so not the case at Beantown Bootcamp. A couple of heavy weights, a bench to step up on, and a weight plate are all you need to get your heart rate up and a good sweat going. It was refreshing to get back to basics in a small, hidden gym alongside other people who came to get after it.



5 stations…2 exercises… repeat. We did each exercise 2x with a 10 second rest between them. Oh yeah, and 10 burpees at the end of each station. Nesrin had her music going and a timer that kept us on track. Each buzz alerted us to stop or start the next movement in our circuit, or to switch stations.

  1. Deadlift, ball transfer
  2. Chest fly, leg lowers with weight plate in hands
  3. Curtsey lunge/regular lunch/split lunge combo with 2 heavy weights, bear plank while sliding weight
  4. Overhead press, reverse crunch
  5. Step ups with heavy weight, side plank free hand lift/lower weight
  6. One arm chest press with heavy weight, Turkish twist with heavy weight

We completed the circuits listed above and then grabbed a heavy weight and took things into the hallway for walking lunges followed by walking side squats.

Next up, another round of the circuits listed above sans burpees. Class ended with a pyramid jumping jack and push up combo. 50 jacks, 5 push-ups, 40 jacks, 5 push ups, etc. Those final push-ups had our arms and abs shaking.



Nesrin is soft spoken but a low-key pusher. After showing us exactly what we were doing in the circuits with a demo of each exercise she kept a close eye on each of us throughout the series of stations. At one point we were instructed to choose a heavier weight for the next round… I mean, yeah we were flattered because who doesn’t love being super strong but also, our arms were thinking ‘ummmm ouch.’ Thanks for the push!


Beantown Bootcamp is hidden in the basement of an office building on Canal St. Trust us, you’d never find this spot unless you were looking for it. Take the stairs and once you are on the lowest level you’ll maneuver your way around some uncertain corners to find the gym. This place is the no frills type. You’ll trade in your chic décor and cutesy retail setup for heavy metal weights and worn-in benches. There’s a small locker room available for changing with some amenities like a hair dryer, hair spray, etc. but no showers. Cubbies are outside the gym to store your stuff while working out.  

Beantown Bootcamp

90 Canal St, Boston, MA 02114
North End HIIT $$$

Beantown Bootcamp

North End Bootcamp, HIIT $$$

90 Canal St, Boston, MA 02114

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