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byLeanne Conyers, October 31, 2016

Let’s be honest… EverybodyFights (EBF) looks like someone took the roof off of a sceney Southie watering hole (you know the one) and dumped its contents into a boxing gym. The interior is trendy and the people are sexy.

We were all in on Eliza’s BAGS+BEATS class after the super nice woman at the front desk suggested it to us (and yes, we are embarrassed we don’t know her name because we always see her there and she’s AWESOME!). We were chatting about how great “Kick It” is, and she asked, “Have you tried Eliza’s BAGS+BEATS class? It’s INSANE!” Since insane is kinda our thing, we signed up immediately. WOW–she wasn’t kidding. This 40-minute class (though we spotted a Friday 60-minute session we’ll for sure be attending) was really fun but also really hard! It’s run similarly to Eliza’s “Kick It” classes, but as opposed to clocked rounds each song is a round. The point of this class is to punch to the beat of the music, making it more dancey in that there’s choreography, but still very much a boxing class (Exhibit A being there were dudes in class).




Each song gets its own right- and left-side combos, and in between punches expect lots of jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers and pushups. We have learned from this class that nothing is more brutal than doing a bunch of pushups and then punching a bag as fast as humanly possible…nothing. By the end of class we could barely hold up our arms!

Beginners beware, the combinations are fast with a capital F. If you aren’t comfortable with the basic punches and their corresponding numbers, get in some practice before hitting up Eliza’s class or you may feel a bit overwhelmed.

Overall, this class is straight-up dope and has made it into our regular rotation. We have even adjusted our sweat schedules in order to get here a couple of times a week.


Eliza is a beast, which in our book is one of the highest forms of praise an instructor can receive. She’s a tiny person with incredibly high energy leaving everyone engaged and motivated. Eliza starts class by walking around to see everyone before she gets started–something not every instructor does but we think is important as it’s easy to feel invisible in that dark bag-filled room. She introduces herself, explains the class and tells us that if we get lost to just look around the room for guidance from your classmates (which we def did a few times).

And then she starts…FAST. No chill getting-to-know-you warm-up here! Throughout class you can hear Eliza clapping along to the beat and calling out the combos. When Eliza can tell the class is getting fatigued she reassures us that it’s OK to be tired but reminds us to just keep pushing. Maybe this is a sports-psychology-Jedi-mind-f*@k thing, but it actually worked on us. We were DYING at that point, but her prompts and energy pushed us to give juuuuust a little bit more.


Get your selfie sticks out! We said the place is trendy. It’s SO trendy in fact that Shape Magazine just named EBF one of “The Most Instagrammable Fitness Studios In the US.” It’s an old brick and beam building in Fort Point and they have done a great job of keeping that old factory vibe while still providing first class amenities. We climbed the industrial grated staircase to get to the locker rooms and were pleasantly surprised to find vessel sinks, clean showers, a steam room, and a sauna.

EverybodyFights Seaport

15 Channel Center Street, Boston, MA 02210
Fort Point Spin $$$$

EverybodyFights Seaport

Fort Point HIIT, Boxing, Rowing, Spin $$$$

15 Channel Center Street, Boston, MA 02210