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byTori Scott, July 3, 2017

Apparently going shirtless in the suburbs is a thing these days…and we kind of like it. Now that doesn’t mean we are throwing all of our tops away, but we support the movement and Chestnut Hill needed a little skin to spice things up. The newest location of Barry’s Bootcamp lives on The Street, inhabiting the old City Sports space next to Pottery Barn (and just a stone’s throw from lululemon). The suburban outpost is just what you would expect from the Barry’s Bootcamp team: killer workouts, top notch instruction, sleek design, beautiful locker rooms, stylish retail, and a fuel bar that comes with many great new additions.  

Barry’s is HARD. If you are looking to tune out, find your emotional center, and go through the motions, pick another workout. If you are looking to get your butt kicked, sweat hard, feel the burn, and flat out get fitter, you are in the right place. Listen up boys and girls – yes we said boys AND girls –  because Barry’s is where both male and female athletes come to play. If you want to feel like you’re back in high school or college preseason, this will be your jam. Show up and get ready to be put through the ringer. Barry’s isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who have the guts to walk through the door, we promise that you will leave wanting more. Remember, at Barry’s Bootcamp Chestnut Hill, you’ve got to get uncomfortable to get comfortable with going #shirtlessinthesuburbs.



It was Monday at Barry’s which meant Arms and Abs, but don’t think we didn’t use our legs. We started on the treadmill with a 12 minute segment that incorporated jogging, running, and sprinting all at no incline. We then hit the floor for arm and ab work. We hit all of the usual suspects with moderate dumbbells along with incorporated core work (think tricep extensions, banded biceps curls, push-ups, planks, dips, and many others). In typical Barry’s fashion there was a little bit of everything thrown at us. After 12 minutes on the floor we were back on the treadmill for another 9 minutes which was more of the same, but we cranked the incline up to 8.0 and tried to hang on for dear life. Luckily we were not shot out the back, and moved to the floor for our final 9 minute segment of arms and abs. We closed it out with a final stretch and quickly got ourselves to the Fuel Bar for a PB&J smoothie.


You know those people that were just born for the studio mic? And even more so, born for the “Barry’s mic”? Yeah, that’s Britt Vitello. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the Turnstyle fan favorite – Barry’s just suits her. Barking orders and commanding the room like a boss, you would never know that it was her first week on the job. Because Barry’s instructors create their own workouts let it be known that Britt ain’t gonna let you off easy. She brings the heat and if you hit her up on a Full Body day we can only imagine the pain cave you will enter. If you are looking for the easy way out, maybe hit up the corn hole court outside Shake Shack instead.


The Barry’s Chestnut Hill studio entrance is located on the back side of building and not on the main drag. You enter into a lobby, which is beautiful, but smaller than their Downtown location. Straight ahead are the red lights of the workout room and on your right is the Fuel Bar. No fear, all your favorites are here plus some welcomed additions. Beyond the Fuel Bar are the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms which both have self-locking lockers, ample space to spread out, 3 showers, and Malin+Goetz products spread out throughout.

The workout room feels very “Barry’s” – basically just what you would expect if you have ever been to another location. We love how sexy and cut we feel when those red lights are on. There  are 22 Woodway treadmills (yes, they have dynamic mode) and 22 floor stations all with prime viewing for instructor demonstrations throughout class. Sound system was an A in our book and you know we are sticklers for details like that.

Barry’s Bootcamp Chestnut Hill

30 Chauncy Street, Boston, MA 02111
Newton HIIT $$$

Barry’s Bootcamp Chestnut Hill

Newton Bootcamp, HIIT $$$

30 Chauncy Street, Boston, MA 02111

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