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byMel Adams, June 25, 2018

In the world of cycling, there are really two camps: the dance-y, fun, and sometimes spiritual brand that you’ll find at SoulCycle, and the gritty and athletic version that you’ll find at Flywheel. Depending on our mood, we may be more into one than the other. But when we want a good dose of performance-driven cycling, Flywheel is the best of the best. The CityCenterDC location is DC’s largest, with 73 bikes in the studio, but the bike monitor with our individual stats made us get a good sweat without needing a front row bike. Solid amenities and complimentary clip-ins make Flywheel CityCenterDC one of our go-to studios from top to bottom.



Flywheel’s signature class, METHOD 45, is designed with athletes in mind. Our bike was decked out with a screen showing our current stats, including RPM and torq. Flywheel helped us dig in and kick our own ass by periodically flashing the total power standings on the big screen. We love a little friendly competition and now will be in a constant battle to PR every time we hop on the bike. The ride itself was on the heavier side—we sprinted with resistance on or climbed hills that we haven’t ever seen in studios without screens. There were some tap backs and jumps, but the ride didn’t include push-ups or crunches. In METHOD 45, the arms song was done with two weighted bars, and the intensity of the workout stayed high even though we were focused on our upper body. We grabbed both bars, and by the end our triceps were definitely shaking. With a quick hill and sprints to finish out the class, we were tired, sweaty, and definitely sold on Flywheel.


For the days when you’re fully ready to get your ass handed to you for 45 minutes: Go. To. Arnie’s. Class. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Arnie is the type of instructor who puts on some good music, calls out RPM and torq numbers that make you question your cycling abilities, and gets down to business. For 45 minutes, we were out of breath and damn if we didn’t feel amazing after – we blame the HEAVY runs out of the saddle and unrelenting intervals. Though the class was perfect for advanced students who have their form on lock, Arnie didn’t do much form correction and cueing during class. The next time we need to question our physical prowess and then reaffirm it all in the same hour, we know whose class we’re taking.


Tucked underneath CorePower in CityCenter, the studio has the same amenities found at all Flywheel locations. We’re talking complimentary shoes, towels (for class and our shower after), shower amenities, and post-ride fruit. The showers are always clean, and though the locker room can get crazy in the morning before work, dry shampoo, blow dryers, and deodorant allow Flywheel to be an easy stop on your way to work. Flywheel CityCenterDC’s space can get crazy between classes, especially when you have 70 sweaty people trying to leave the studio as 70 people in their business casual best are walking in. We recommend changing into your spin wear before getting to Flywheel unless you’re into waiting in long bathroom lines pre-class.

FlyWheel Sports – Stadium Cycling – CityCenterDC

824 9th St NW, Unit B, Washington, DC 20001
Downtown Spin $$$

FlyWheel Sports – Stadium Cycling – CityCenterDC

Downtown Spin, Barre $$$

824 9th St NW, Unit B, Washington, DC 20001

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