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byCarolyne McManama, October 1, 2017

Whether you are fully submerged in the CrossFit Kool-Aid or just thinking of dipping a toe in, CrossFit Southie will work for you. In a lot of ways it’s a typical CrossFit box but the level of instruction and friendliness of the community make CrossFit Southie stand out from the pack. Look, CrossFit can be intimidating – the lingo (BTW, “box” is another word for “gym”), the barbells, the chalk, and the meandering topless dudes, is outside of most people’s comfort zones. But the crew that runs Southie will make you feel right at home.  



Here’s another term for you: “WOD”. It means Workout of the Day because every day you are doing something different and targeting a different strength or skill. The variability in the workouts is the best thing about CrossFit. Not only does it keep things fresh mentally, but it keeps your bod guessing, which science tells us is the ultimate way to burn fat. The class we attended this morning involved rowing, push-ups, kettlebell swings and pistol squats. To give you a sense of what to expect at any given class, the movements they do at CrossFit Southie include: squats, snatches, deadlifts, cleans pull-ups, jump rope, running, tire-flips…

Wait! Don’t go. You may hear “snatches” and “deadlifts” and think… “No clue how to do that shiz, I’m out.” Don’t let new movements prevent you from trying CrossFit, the instructors are more than happy to walk you through anything you aren’t comfortable with (they also offer fundamentals packages if you want to be official about it).


The instructors (aka “coaches”) at CrossFit Southie are some of the best! The owners and staff truly care about providing you with a solid (and safe) workout, regardless of experience. If you are new, they offer modifications to tricky movements and there is absolutely no judgement for moving low weight or using bands for your pull-ups. We’re still getting used to different Olympic lifts and CrossFit skills, but every class we are given great advice and we improve. Experienced CrossFitters will get the same hands on treatment with tweaks and tips to improve performance. Daniella and Hayley coached this particular class and they are rock stars! They are knowledgeable, patient, and hands-on plus you can tell that they both love being in the gym and helping you get better.


As we mentioned, in some ways Crossfit Southie is a typical CrossFit box so don’t expect a high-design facility with towel service and fancy soaps. There are bathrooms with showers but stocked tampons and hair ties are the top amenities here. We obviously love the insta-worthy bathrooms and upscale amenities that a lot of gyms provide now, but something about a no-nonsense spot with a focus on fitness is where we feel the most bad-ass. Nothing fancy, just a lot of grunting and sweating 😉

CrossFit Southie

385 Dorchester Ave #100, Boston, MA 02127
South Boston CrossFit $$$

CrossFit Southie

South Boston CrossFit, $$$

385 Dorchester Ave #100, Boston, MA 02127

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