byTori Scott, March 25, 2016

ASANA in Charlestown is the new kid on the block, opening back in September of 2015. The space is breathtaking – high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, and clean hardwood floors. The rustic chic feel is cozy but luxurious at the same time. The studio asks that you leave your shoes at the door in traditional yoga studio fashion which keeps the space clean and adds a sense of welcome/familiarity.

In our opinion – and a lot of others agree – Caitlyn Graham is one of the best. The space coupled with her instruction makes for quite the experience at ASANA.  The only downside to ASANA is the location and lack of amenities. Located in Charlestown, Asana is not the most convenient location unless you work or live in the area.



ASANA offer a variety of different Yoga classes, Barre, and Pilates with descriptions available online.  We decided to jump right into the traditional vinyasa yoga class. It was an hour and 15 minute, all levels, with a focus on flow and movement rather than alignment. The class was a true all levels class, in that there were modifications for all advanced poses and the advances poses channeled the most advanced practitioners in the room. The peak pose was bound revolved standing split variation, which we got to through a series of sun salutations, standing sequences opening up our hips/hamstrings, and strengthening poses like planks and chair pose.  We’ve found in our practice that we enjoy classes that work you towards a challenging peak pose and then wind down to a long relaxing savasana; and that’s exactly what this vinyasa class did. The room isn’t heated so don’t worry about having to head out after too sweaty.


Caitlyn teaches in the well-known YogaWorks style that Bostonians love. Her classes are quickly paced, challenging, and alignment-based, yet also accessible and fun. She has the ability to teach her students and help them transform into amazing yogis while also keeping their egos in check. Her message is clear: “It doesn’t matter if you can stand on your head. If you’re still an asshole when you leave here, you’re not practicing yoga.” She speaks the truth. She’s mellow, cool, and has a dry sense of humor that makes you hang on her every word and relate to her in order to find purpose through your practice.

Her teaching is not fueled by her own ego despite the fact that she’s beautiful, strong, and extremely well-practiced. She never makes a point to demonstrate a pose she knows the majority of the class won’t be able to do (such a cringe-worthy moment when teachers do that. “Omg, you’re soooo good at yoga show me more”).

You can find her at ASANA on Friday afternoons – take her class and check your ego at the door.


As we said before and we will reiterate again, the space is gorgeous. Even if you don’t like Yoga or Barre we highly recommend making the pilgrimage to Charlestown just to see Asana.

The lobby area has lots of handmade candles, lotions, and jewelry along with some name brand must haves like wooden swell bottles and spiritual gangster duds.  There are open cubbies in the lobby for students to use while in class.  There are no lockers or locker rooms, which is really the only downside about the space itself. There is a single bathroom in the building, outside the studio, down the hall and basically back in Boston. So if you are going to take a class here we suggest forgoing the shower or head home straight after.


20 City Square, Charlestown, MA 02129
Charlestown Yoga $


Charlestown Yoga $

20 City Square, Charlestown, MA 02129

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