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byLeanne Conyers, September 1, 2016

While CrossFit Lando is a “box” (that’s CrossFit lingo for “gym”) in Charlestown, going there feels a bit like bellying up to a neighborhood bar. It’s not the trendiest spot in town (not even close), but it’s there is a great sense of community and the workout never disappoints. If you’re new, the owner will be sure to introduce themselves. Bar patrons will shake your hand and be friendly. When you’re done you’ll wobble out looking for the nearest bed but assuring yourself you loved every minute of it.

When (or more likely if, given the pain from your first time) you return, people will recognize you and say “hi.” You may even score some digits, make new friends or even meet your future spouse (this is literally a thing). None of this is unusual for CrossFit, and a big reason people get addicted and won’t stop talking about it (it annoys us, too). It becomes their local spot and–because we’re in Boston, baby–that place where everybody knows your name.

But this review is about fitness, not about drinking the CrossFit Kool-Aid, and workout-wise CrossFit Lando, like most CrossFit boxes, can definitely hang. We know that some people get nervous about CrossFit workouts but trust us, you can handle it. The coaches at CrossFit Lando are well equipped to help you get in a killer workout no matter your fitness level and they are sure to make it is safe and fun.



CrossFit is modeled on the platform of “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.” That’s basically more lingo (get used to it; these folks have their own language) that says you never know what’s to come in a WOD–ahem, “workout of the day.” Some days you’ll start with strength training followed by a quick 15-minute (yet still intense) workout. Other days you’ll do a 40-minute bootcamp-style session. It’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get!

Our class was a mix of strength and cardio. Following a quick warm up, Coach Bud led us through some drills to introduce and tweak our Olympic Lifting form of power cleans. We then split up into smaller groups, taking took turns under the bar. A lot of boxes will have everyone going at once, but breaking into groups meant Coach Bud could check our form and cue us on how to improve–a must when learning the basics.

The WOD was called “The Ghost,” supposedly created for and named after a boxer who decided to incorporate CrossFit into his pre-match training. It broke down into six rounds of one minute on the rower, one minute of burpees (kill us now), one minute of double-unders, and one minute of rest. If you lost count, that’s three minutes of work and one minute of rest, just like a boxing match (but for six rounds, ensuring you’re knocked out at the end). On paper, it doesn’t sound hard, but the workout proved to be tough but quick–a good combo.


Bud is your typical fitness geek, who clearly loves what he’s doing, and his passion is contagious. He is also SUPER knowledgable about mobility. He even addressed a pain in our back, spot on (thanks again, Bud!)

During the Oly lifting, he’d correct form and got legit pumped when people showed improvement or hit a “PR” (a personal record). Bud is also really complimentary and supportive–it’s like having a mini Tony Robbins by your side as you sweat it out.


OK, so this is not Equinox. CrossFit Lando is a concrete box near the Schrafft’s Building that shares a wall with the Knights of Columbus. No Insta-worthy murals or signs. No Keils products in the bathrooms. No steam or sauna. Like most CrossFit facilities, Lando isn’t trying to be fancy (if they are, they have a problem). Still, the place is (pretty) clean, the equipment is in good shape and the space is perfect for CrossFit, with tall ceilings and lots of open space.

CrossFit Lando

545 Medford St, Charlestown, MA 02129
Charlestown CrossFit $$$

CrossFit Lando

Charlestown CrossFit $$$

545 Medford St, Charlestown, MA 02129

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