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byMel Adams, August 12, 2018

If you thought all Pilates workouts were low intensity and sweet, think again. [solidcore] takes a familiar machine and turns it on it’s head with nonstop movement and a much better burn. Constant instruction and the opportunity to modify poses up or down in intensity provide the benefits of private instruction in a group setting. This full body workout in a blue-lit space will have your muscles shaking for 60 minutes and sore for days.



Walking into class we grabbed a machine that has platforms and handle bars on both sides, with a resistance-spring carriage in the middle (similar to a Pilates Megaformer). Newbies got a quick intro to the class, so make sure to arrive early for your first time. Class was broken into four sections: center core, lower body, obliques, and upper body. Between crunches (toes on the carriage pulling it into your center), extensions, and core work on the handlebars, our abs were dead 20 minutes in. Lower body had us in a few variations on a lunge, using the handle bars to get deeper into poses (but also preventing a face plant when we felt like our legs might break). In addition to lunges we did some bungee glute work before crushing our inner thighs until they shook. Moving onto obliques, we repeated some of the same center core moves but isolating one oblique at a time; the section was fast, and damn it hurt. Finally, we hopped off of the machine to do some pushups off the back. While we pressed, our springs were changed by our instructor in prep for upper body. We hit chest with presses and flys, fatiguing with pulses at the bottom of the move. We were told that the upper body muscle group changes with each class—sometimes hitting back, shoulders or arms rather than chest.

We were instructed to go slow and controlled throughout class, focusing on exhausting the muscles. Each move had a few variations—holds, pulses, ladders (1 inch up, 1 inch down, 2 up, 1 down), which both made the 50 minutes fly and made each second feel like an eternity. Between sections we transitioned with either plank up downs or army crawls to spike our heart rate. Instruction in the class was constant, with cueing for moves, or offerings of intentions. Don’t be surprised if the instructor calls you out in class; it was encouraging in nature and definitely made us work harder. The music was loud and we didn’t stop moving for 50 minutes—this is definitely not a low energy Pilates class.


Jacob is one of [solidcore]’s strongest instructors, whipping our abs into shape with tough combinations and jokes that make our core hurt from laughing so hard. He loved a ladder combination, which meant we were stuck holding a lunge for much longer than we’d like (but we were thankful once we were done). Jacob was particularly encouraging, but didn’t miss a beat getting us from one move to the next. He taught with an ease that only comes from years of honing his craft; definitely don’t miss checking out this master instructor.


The Shaw studio space was intimate with 12 machines lined up in a long room with mirrors on either side. Blue lighting made us look great while we were getting sweaty, no matter how unsteady we felt mid-lunge. Coconut water and bottled water were available for purchase but there were drinking fountains where you can refill your own water bottle as well. [solidcore] also sells new branded gear on brands we love like lululemon that rotate each month. Though two bathrooms provide the goodies for a quick freshen-up (dry shampoo, deodorant, etc.), we were definitely very sweaty post-class and would’ve needed to shower before heading into the office.

[solidcore] Shaw

1821 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Shaw Pilates $$$$

[solidcore] Shaw

Shaw Pilates, Bootcamp, HIIT $$$$

1821 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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