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byChristine O'Halloran, March 30, 2019

District Pilates is a studio with locations in Petworth and Shaw that offers a variety of reformer pilates class catering to multiple levels and abilities. A reformer is a stationary contraception, often confused with a torture device(!), with a series of springs and pulleys that can be adjusted to be heavier or lighter. There is a moving carriage that you utilize, along with the rest of the machine, to work your entire body in a variety of ways! The Shaw location has just six reformers in the studio, which keeps the class size small and individualized. We took the Intermediate class and it was the perfect mix of challenging and manageable!



Bailey opened up the class by asking us what specific areas we wanted to work on. The class voted butts and abs, so while those were absolutely a focal point of the session, we definitely felt like we had a total body workout. She started us off by warming up our calves, glutes, quads, and thighs with a series of calf raises and glute bridges lying on the carriage. From there, we moved into plank work that included push ups, and then utilized the reformer to work on standard Pilates movements like the hundred, scissor kicks, and teasers. We moved over to the chair for single leg lunges and pikes before heading back to the carriage for some combo arm and ab work and we finished up by working on our side glutes.


Bailey introduced herself to newcomers in the class and remembered everyone’s name. The small class size allowed her to provide a ton of individual attention, and she circulated throughout the entire class, checking in with each participant by name to ask whether we wanted more or less resistance and correcting form as needed. Just as we were convinced we wouldn’t be able to hold our plank any longer, Bailey would call out that 10 second warning to let us know we were in the home stretch. Even though she kept things moving quickly, her verbal cues were super clear and we felt like we were in an individual reformer session because of her laser focus and attention.


District Pilates is a really small studio on the corner of N and 9th NW in Shaw but they make the most of their space. The space has massive windows so the equipment is visible to passerby but we were so wrapped up in class once it started that we didn’t even notice. Aside from the six reformers and chairs, they have all your standard Pilates equipment, including circles, balls, and weights. There is a small area in the back that sells branded merchandise and a changing room and bathroom, but because this is a small studio that typically caters to people in the area, there are no showers. Plan to head home after class to rinse off (although it should be noted that, while class was challenging, we were not dripping sweat). There are plenty of individual towels to grab as well, and a coat rack and area to store your shoes when you first enter. No one needs to worry about anyone swiping their belongings because the door is locked when class begins and you can see your stuff the whole time!

District Pilates – Shaw

1302 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Shaw Pilates $$$$

District Pilates – Shaw

Shaw Pilates, $$$$

1302 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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