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byLizzie Valentin, February 13, 2019

If you’re looking for a quick toning workout, Pilates of San Diego East Village is right for you. They’ll have you in and out before you know the class is over, perfect for those lunch break workouts if you work nearby. The workout wasn’t the most challenging, but it was effective. We left with very sore abs! They don’t have showers, but the amazing part about Pilates is that most moves are slow so your body isn’t perspiring as much. If you need to freshen up and go back to work, Pilates would be a perfect work break.



The workout today was very introductory. We focused mostly on abs and legs. Gianna was quick to efficiently adjust those doing a move incorrectly. Although it was a little confusing at times, we were able to keep up, as the moves were quite simple. We left with sore obliques, which we loved! It’s normally difficult for our abs to get sore, so we were very surprised that slow and simple ab work did the trick. Sometimes going back to the basics is the way to go.


Gianna greeted us and checked us in when we got to the studio. Although we didn’t get a tour or brief introduction, we could navigate easily as the studio is small. Gianna was straight to the point and meant business — perfect for those on-the-go days and for those who want to keep to themselves. If you’re looking for a quick oblique burn out, make sure you check out Gianna!


Pilates of San Diego’s East Village studio is located a few doors down from Petco Park and near many coffee shops and bars. Although they don’t have a check-in or front desk, the studio is small enough so that the instructor can approach you as you’re walking in to check you in. The studio was very clean and tidy. Pilates of San Diego does not offer showers, but a restroom is located in the studio to freshen up. As with all studios located downtown, make sure to give yourself enough time for parking purposes. They only have metered street parking and you might have trouble parking depending on the time of day. Pilates of San Diego – East Village is also on ClassPass!

Pilates of San Diego East Village

50 Tenth Ave #125, San Diego, CA 92101
East Village Pilates $$$

Pilates of San Diego East Village

East Village Pilates, $$$

50 Tenth Ave #125, San Diego, CA 92101

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