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byCaitlin Ellis, March 30, 2019

We’ve been to Edge Cycle multiple times with repetitive disappointments. The instructors are inconsistent and vary GREATLY in style and level. We want to give them the benefit of the doubt since the studio is on the newer side (it opened in October 2018), but unfortunately, we usually leave with a ‘meh’ feeling. The workouts are tolerable, but aren’t always the therapeutic experience you look for in a cycling studio. The studio itself is gorgeous with HUGE windows and a ton of natural light, but the aesthetic far surpasses any sweat you’ll get here. It’s a toss-up!



Class started a few minutes late, but that’s normal for a spin class, especially if there are new riders. We love when instructors like Jenea take time to get new riders set up on their bikes; we’ve all been there! We spent the first two songs getting warmed up with moderate pacing, feeling the beat and getting used to the bike. The songs never got too fast, and we enjoyed the moody-techno-hip-hop remixes she played. We spent 75% of the time in third position out of the saddle, and the other 25% bouncing between first and third, in and out of the saddle.

As we neared the back half of the class, we settled in for a LONG arm song where we did heavy weighted biceps (using both weights in each hand), which was a nice change from stationary movements in other cycling classes. There were two long sprints in class, with the longest one in the final song. We ended the class with a group stretch and lots of high-fives.


If you’re going to Edge Cycle, you need to go to Jenea’s class. She COMMANDS the room from the moment you walk in the front door. The music was BUMPIN’ but you could clearly hear her voice and instructions throughout the entire class. Our favorite part of our ride was during the sprints when Jenea would unclip and approach riders, squat down next to them and literally dance at their feet while yelling encouraging mantras! We’ve never had an instructor take the time to do something like that. It made us feel special and pushed us harder than usual! She created a connection with her and with the other riders in the room. It’s that type of quality that we look for in a great instructor.


Edge Cycle is THE most beautiful and instagram-worthy studio you will ever visit in San Diego. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring in a ton of natural light, there’s a mural that says F@CK BASIC, and a neon pink sign next to their fridge that says “hangry.” S’CUTE!! The studio is clean, as expected in a new space. The decor is edgy (appropriately), with stark contrast bright white walls with black accents. There are lockers and two bathrooms, but no shower – though they do have Kiehl’s products, which we LOVE. The retail area has Alo Yoga swag that’s on-brand. The staff is welcoming and gave off that ‘cool’ vibe. If you don’t own your own clip shoes, they rent them for $3. The bikes are new, but the sound system could use a little improvement.

Edge Cycle

424 15th St, San Diego, CA 92101
East Village Spin $$$

Edge Cycle

East Village Spin, $$$

424 15th St, San Diego, CA 92101

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