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byMel Klein, March 18, 2018

Ever watch the Tiny House shows on HGTV and marvel at how versatile the space is & how down-to-earth and practical the people are? That’s Studio U – Newton in a nutshell. A small and intimate space, Studio U in Newton flexes to accommodate yoga, Pilates, Zumba & cardio classes. We opted for Pilates this episode.



Equipped with all the essentials – mat, small stability ball, bands & more – we were ready to pulse. The hour-long class was set to an upbeat pop & hip-hop playlist, which set a great tone. It also helped to drown out everyone’s heavy breathing, which was a welcomed distraction! After a brief warm-up, we jumped right into the workout going through nearly all the common series you can expect – single leg circles, roll backs, bridge lifts & plenty of oblique crunches. Just about each of these included a ball or band which turned things up a notch for an added burn.


Amanda Howley taught a well-rounded class that was challenging because of the fast, tabata-like pace, but still accommodating to all levels. Amanda motivated and worked out alongside us for the full 60 minutes. Positioned at the front of the room, it was easy to follow along if you’re a visually learner, but some of the verbal cues were a little harder to follow over the music. With Pilates naturally focusing on our core, Amanda incorporated just the right number of planks, bridge lifts and the occasional push-up to give our abs an occasional reprieve in favor of more total body movements.  


If you live in or near Upper Newton Falls, Studio U will greet you like a neighbor and is also a great place to meet your neighbors. With ample parking, arriving by car or foot is the way to go, since it’s not located in close proximity to the T.  Situated on the first floor of a small commercial building, Studio U’s space is cozy and versatile with a modern feel. It comfortably fits about a dozen people, which makes for a nice personal training vibe. With mirrors along the front wall, we were able to check in on form without being inundated with all different angles. We did feel that the wood floors weren’t the most comfortable surface for Pilates, but the extra padded mats provided did make up for it. There’s space to hang and place your belongings right outside of the studio. To avoid any surprises though, it’s worth noting that there’s not a shower or dedicated locker room, but building restrooms are available nearby.

Studio U Newton

26 Ossipee Rd Suite 101, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
Newton Yoga $$$

Studio U Newton

Newton Barre, Pilates, Yoga $$$

26 Ossipee Rd Suite 101, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464

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