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byTori Scott, September 18, 2016

Last time we checked we thought that CrossFit gyms were supposed to be small, dirty and rundown. Apparently we had our facts wrong because Invictus Boston Columbus Ave is far from that. After descending the grand staircase into the basement we took one look around and liked what we saw. We could get used to this.

Call us bias (we really try not to be), but we’ve never walked out of a CrossFit workout and asked for our money back. Invictus was no different. While we understand that CrossFit isn’t for everyone (not everything is) we really do like to get a good sweat on. And by sweat we mean we like to breath heavy, get our heart rate jacked up and most importantly we like to know we left everything out there when the coach calls time. Invictus Boston delivered just that.



Working out with a friend is always better than going it alone which is why when we saw a partner workout posted on the site the night before we signed up ASAP. The workout was simple yet effective and pushed us to grind it out a little more than usual. No 2 minute workout here.

The class kicked off with a group huddle and we were quickly partnered up with people of equal experience. We met our partner for the first time and both smiled. We were ready for whatever was going to go down in the next hour. After a group warm up and explanation of the workout, here’s what went down.

We both performed together the following exercises. That meant, if my partner stopped I stopped and visa versa. No one worked alone.

We rowed 1000M.
We completed 50 Thrusters with a light barbell.
We rowed 800M.
We completed 40 Power Cleans with a light barbell.
We rowed 600M.
We completed 30 Burpees (the worst).
We rowed 400M.
We completed 20 Shoulder to Overhead with a light barbell.
We rowed 200M.
And finished it out with 10 Ring Dips (also the worst).

Talk about a grind. We actually hugged our partner at the end and thanked them profusely for partnering with with us and apologized for holding them back (we stopped a lot). All in all. F-U-N.

Community. Yeah, we weren’t going to escape a CrossFit review without mentioning it. The community at Columbus Ave is welcoming, unintimidating and friendly, but because of the high volume of classes they churn out it leaves less time to get to know people. We mean no disrespect but due to it’s location the crowd airs on the side of corporate people looking to get a good sweat on and get back to their desks.

(Note: RCFBB does allow Drop-Ins with previous CrossFit experience. If you are new to CrossFit they require you to go through an On-Ramp program so you can learn all the basic movements and get a lay of the CrossFit land. They are also not on ClassPass.)


Bern, oh Bern, the life of the party and never late. Bern’s that guy that knows everyone by name and most likely has a running inside joke with them from the beginning of time. But don’t let that jokester fool you because when class starts Bern means business. He’s been teaching CrossFit before it was cool and has been around the block which means he’s technically sound and knows how to manage a large group setting. He is quick to provide feedback along with scaling options for all levels. Never intimidating and always the gentleman. And best of all Bern always wants the best for his people, that to us is the sign of a great coach.


The gym itself and workout floor is large. No, there is not a full length football turf field, but compared to other boutique studios in the city these guys have a good amount of real estate. There is one main floor where classes are held and then 3 smaller areas that host stretching space and weight lifting platforms. The locker rooms are large. Think global gym locker room size but at a boutique gym. Absolutely no lines, you can even lay down on the benches and take a snooze and not be in anyone’s way. Showers are a plenty with amenities running deep. Towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair dryers and locker but bring your own lock.

Invictus Boston Columbus Ave

209 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116
Back Bay CrossFit $$$

Invictus Boston Columbus Ave

Back Bay CrossFit $$$

209 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116

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