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byJessica Tepper, July 3, 2017

305 Fitness (located in Fenway) is like Zumba on sexy, sweaty steroids. There’s a flirty swag that’s incorporated into all the movements, which is prevalent from the second the live DJ drops a beat. The bass is bumping, the instructor gets the hype in the room to a level 10, while colored lights shine through the dimly lit room to you get moving. Think of the opening number to a Beyonce concert…but you’re Beyonce!



From the minute class begins you’re workin’ it and won’t stop until the cool down in the last minutes of class. The warm-up is followed by a series of themed choreo sections like Dance Hall and Hip-Hop. The movements are danceable squats, jumps, arm work and a whole lotta shakin’ whatcha momma gave ya. You WANT to sweat–like literally drip puddles! Following the dance moves there’s some partner work, aka two lines of people facing each other and engaging in some good ol’ friendly competition. The result? Smiles and motivational ‘YASS GET IT!’ chants. Following partner work were some basic abs and squats.


Sylver, or Silver as he introduces himself, brought out smiles across the room. This man got us all jumping around like we were hitting the Miami club scene on a Monday night. He successfully created a zero judgement zone while doing almost the entire class alongside us, creating a team feeling. We were all in it together. There was a lot of chants of “Woo!” and “Yes!”  from Sylvester throughout class that helped us shuffle faster, squat lower and body roll like we were in an R. Kelly music video. Class at 305 Fitness flew by as Sylvester masked all the tough ab, leg, arm and booty work with amazing dance moves and contagious charisma.


305 Fitness

699 Boylston Street, Boston MA
Fenway Dance $$$

305 Fitness

Fenway Dance, $$$

699 Boylston Street, Boston MA

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