Xtend Barre – Arlington

Washington D.C.


byTori Scott, May 11, 2019

Xtend Barre is for anyone who wants a low impact, high sweat, heart racing, thigh burning, core sculpting workout that leaves you with a smile and a sense of accomplishment. With tons of optional advancements and modifications offered for every single move, Xtend Barre is one of the most accessible barre workouts we’ve experienced. In addition to offering a fantastic workout, Xtend Barre Arlington is a sparklingly clean facility with inviting showers, kind and welcoming staff, and a huge variety of class options. After a workout here, you’ll find yourself walking taller, smiling wider, and feeling stronger than ever.



This is not your average barre class. If you’ve ever taken a traditional ballet class, you’ll have a good idea of how challenging this class feels. Covering everything from tiny leg movements to huge jumps, Xtend Barre mimics the movements that a professional ballerina would do to train for the superhuman feat of dancing a solo on stage.

We started class in the center of the room with a few deep breaths and pliés, but quickly got into an arm burning cardio burst involving curtsy squats, arm lifts, and leg switch jumps landing in second position. These difficult and advanced positions were always offered as a choice alongside options for less impact and slower execution.

After the floor work, we moved to the bar and completed several tendués and leg lifts while holding weights. We did multiple “balance challenges” to test our strength at the bar that involved letting go of the bar while on relevé and closing our eyes. In addition to these barre moves, we did a chair pose series that absolutely annihilated our booties and left us feeling spent, yet strong.

Once our legs were shaking and burning, we rolled out our mats and moved into core work. With planks, sit ups, and several varieties of crunches, our abs were thoroughly exercised. We used props such as weights and a ball to support our backs to add a little challenge. Again, all kinds of abilities, injuries, and conditions were addressed and modifications and advancements were offered throughout the class.

After our workout was complete, we did a long, relaxing stretch with the lights off and quiet music playing.

This workout was both moderate AND hard because of all the scaling options on offer.


Sara Craig is a Barre Beast. She never stopped talking the entire class and her transitions and phrasing were perfect. She never missed a beat and was quick to call out individuals for their hard work. She was jumping in next to us and working alongside us while giving personal adjustments, demo-ing moves, and leading the flow flawlessly.

Sara knows her stuff. She offered multiple options for every single move and her energy and sense of humor made us want to pick the hardest options. It was reassuring to hear her call out common injuries and how to modify the move for those specific needs. We could hear Sara loud and clear over the sound system at all times during the class.


Xtend Barre Arlington is immaculate. The floors are clean, the bathrooms are clean, the insides of individual lockers are clean, the mats smell fresh, and the mirrors are sparkling. The locker area is easy to access and roomy with individual lockers that securely lock. In addition to the cleanliness, it also has a homey and welcoming vibe. The front desk staff greet you like an old friend and are super helpful. There was even a neighborhood dog visiting with his owner as we checked into class!

The bathrooms are individual bathrooms with a shower, toilet, and sink all in one room. It feels like showering at a nice hotel. With plentiful fluffy towels and some solid toiletries available, the showers are private and enjoyable.

There’s also a variety of retail featuring hip-looking leggings, bras, tank tops, and grippy socks.

Grippy socks are required inside the studio for class, so make sure to bring your own or buy one of the many fun options they offer for purchase. They don’t sell water bottles, but you can buy an Xtend Barre cold cup to fill with water from the filling station.

Xtend Barre – Arlington

2008 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201
Arlington $$$

Xtend Barre – Arlington

Arlington $$$

2008 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201