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byMel Adams, January 13, 2019

At this point, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard all about the SoulCycle experience. But taking class itself is special—in the studio, the energy of the riders is electric, and it’s kind of impossible to not become obsessed. The instructors are the cream of the crop and the shower amenities make you feel like you’ve really treated yourself. Trust us, it’s worth the hype.



From the time we entered the candle-lit studio until we walked out drenched in sweat, we felt like we were in a new dimension where spinning is the only thing that matters. Easing into the first song, the room moved together, showing any newbies what the next 45 minutes would look like. SoulCycle is all about riding as a group, and trust us, you don’t want to be that guy on the wrong foot. If you can’t stay on the beat, reserve that spot in the back row until you can.

Though the class approach is often dictated by the instructor, the overall format is the same: resistance-heavy hills and quick runs out of the saddle, some crunches and pushups on the bike, an arms song, and then two more songs to finish. Since the actual work in each song changes depending on your instructor, SoulCycle is all about finding the person that gives you the type of ride you like, whether that means you’re running your face off in third or seated and pushing against a massive hill. No matter who leads, SoulCycle will take you to a place. We don’t want to get preachy, but it really is as good as everyone says. We work hard, we eat up


Sunny Mae is a tough instructor who’s not here to put up with your excuses. On the mic, she told us what she wanted from us and expected us to deliver. Her badass persona came through in her ride, which skewed heavier and more challenging than other instructors. Sunny Mae used top 40 music to keep the excitement up when the work in class was hard. Though she led a great ride for advanced riders, she didn’t spend as much time in class digging deep into form adjustments.


SoulCycle’s brand is rounded out with their clean and bright space. The front desk will offer up clip-ins and SmartLife water and if you get to class a little early, you can peruse the constantly changing Soul-branded attire. The hallway has lockers with USB chargers for your almost-dead phone and the locker room has everything you might need for class from bobby pins to spray deodorant. Post-class, there are three showers stocked with Le Labo shampoo, conditioner, body wash and face wash, making the $30 class worth it for the products alone. The only downside is the cramped hallways and chaotic morning getting-ready time where a hair dryer and mirror space can be hard to come by. On the way out, ask for the Orbitz for the full SoulCycle experience.

SoulCycle Mt. Vernon

601 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
Mt. Vernon Spin $$$$

SoulCycle Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon Spin, $$$$

601 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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