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byMel Adams, September 1, 2018

Nuboxx is a boxing gym that encourages you to “be the CEO of your life”. Though we haven’t fully bought into this mantra just yet, the workout offers a decent sweat. A combination of boxing, strength, and conditioning classes mean that Nuboxx will let you have your cardio and build some muscle too. The gym is clean and fits in with H Street’s hip vibe (hello, succulents and snack bar), but a small studio space and a weak shower situation leave us wanting more.



Strength & Conditioning is Nuboxx’s only class that doesn’t include boxing, trading jabs for planks and rows. The class started with a quick warm-up (bodyweight squats and a few laps around the room), and then the rest of class was based around one minute of movement and 30 seconds of rest. First we did a 24 minute circuit: two rounds at four stations (back, legs, arms, abs) and repeat. This section wasn’t super tough, and we wished that there were two different circuits. The rest of class was done as a group with some quick feet cardio drills and uninspired ab work. Class ended on a sweaty high note with alternating ball slams and push-ups before a quick stretch.


Minuen is clearly a tough-love coach. When he’s instructing he comes off a bit macho, but turns that energy into beneficial form-correcting and encouragement. We appreciated getting right into the workout, but were confused on what to do since Minuen didn’t give clear instructions on the class format. Subsequent coaching was also unclear since he didn’t turn down the music when describing what we’d be doing next.

Minuen’s strength comes from his boxing experience; he gives context for how certain exercises translate to better boxing performance and offers adjustments if exercises are not performed correctly.


When you walk in, Nuboxx is the picture of millennial design—it has a lobby with succulents and reclaimed wood tables and a co-ed locker room space with sleek black hardware and white granite accents. The lobby even has a snack bar for some post-class fuel. Although we were into the aesthetic, we would have traded some of the extra amenities (which instructor is dating an Arbonne rep?) for fully equipped showers. The two single-stall showers lacked full sized towels, a place to put your stuff, and clean/functional drains.

The studio itself is small—about the same size as the locker room space—which makes it tight but manageable for a circuit class. It has a floor to ceiling window that looks onto the street, which brings in natural light (plus) but also gives bystanders a quick view of the class working out (definite minus).


701 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002
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701 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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