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byAshley Marand, May 7, 2019

Reach Yoga is a simple, popular yoga studio located in the center of Pacific Beach, offering a wide variety of vinyasa-based practices in addition to yin yoga and yoga sculpt. Judging by the students going in and out of class, we’d say this studio largely caters to female college students or recent grads from the many higher-ed institutions in San Diego, but there were a few men and older students as well. Similarly, the instructors tend to be on the younger side, but experienced nonetheless. Staying true to their name, the studio aims to inspire you to REACH your goals while finding your true potential both on and off the mat.



If you’re not hip to the Yoga Sculpt trend popularized by national powerhouse brands like CorePower Yoga, then we’re not sure what you’ve been doing. Yoga Sculpt is a workout that meshes vinyasa with cardio and weight training. At Reach Yoga specifically, Yoga Sculpt is a 60-minute, slightly heated strength-training class that adds free weights to a level 2 flow. The addition of weights intensifies the workout and speeds up the building of lean muscle mass. From our experience, slightly heated can be interpreted as very hot. The class tends to be full, so the combination of a heated room along with 40 something people working at full capacity leads to a room that is actually HOT. Come prepared to drip sweat. Yoga Sculpt at Reach Yoga is also more like a bootcamp class with a mat. There is a little bit of yoga at the beginning and the end, but the large majority of the class is spent rotating between cardio and resistance training. The workout is DEFINITELY challenging, but go at your own pace and select weights you can endure for the entire hour. At the end of class, you’ll be rewarded with a cold lavender towel as you allow your fatigued body to sink into your mat.


Alena is EXACTLY who we want to workout with at all times. She’s a five foot-something, tough lovin’ badass with a fun, bright spirit. Her Yoga Sculpt classes are borderline brutal in a sadistic sort of way (if you’re into that sort of thing, which apparently we are). She describes her sculpt classes as “the shitshow,” which is completely accurate. After an hour of pouring sweat, jumping around to music festival mixes and cycling through weights and isometric movements that target your whole body, you’re spit out on the other side feeling exhausted, grateful it’s over, and floating on cloud nine from what you were just able to accomplish. Alena’s classes are the type where the entire class claps at the end in awe and amazement of what you all just survived together.

As an instructor, Alena perfectly walks the line between pushing her students to go outside their comfort zones, while making sure they are safe, encouraging them to take breaks, drink water and get some air at any point they feel it’s necessary. Her class sees many regulars, but she makes sure to spread her encouragement and attention around to everyone equally, making sure everyone feels seen and cared for. Alena brings a dynamic, fiery energy to her classes. You can expect her to be dancing around, whooping with the music and yelling words of encouragement. In the midst of all of this insanity, her instruction is clear and easily understood, and she takes time to break down and demo each move at transition moments. To top it all off, Alena is the instructor who remembers your face, learns your name and warmly greets you and sends you off every. single. time. you see her. We’d give her more than 5 points if it was possible!


Reach Yoga is located in the heart of Pacific Beach on Garnet Street, in a plaza next to a 7/11 and a Thai food restaurant. There are only a few parking spots available to studio-goers, so make sure to leave enough time ahead of class to search for parking on Garnet or the surrounding neighborhood streets. The studio itself is simple but has everything you need. The lobby is large, with plenty of open-format cubbies and under-bench storage to hold your personal belongings. The spaciousness of the lobby is much appreciated, as Reach Yoga gets very busy during peak hours. Speaking of, make sure to arrive early to place your mat down, as rush hour classes get extremely packed and somewhat uncomfortable at times. There are two bathrooms and one shower available to class-goers. The shower is nothing to brag about, but hey, it’s there and convenient for those who may need it before heading off to work or other plans. The studio also has yoga mats available to rent, water bottles for purchase, and a nice water fountain where you can fill up your water bottle. Classes here are slightly more affordable than the city average, so if you’re looking for a studio that offers both vinyasa and sculpt and don’t mind busy classes, Reach Yoga is it.

Reach Yoga

1319 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109
Pacific Beach Yoga $$$

Reach Yoga

Pacific Beach Yoga, $$$

1319 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

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