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byTaylor Barnes, July 1, 2019

We’ve found that when it comes to spin classes, there are multiple styles, paces, vibes, playlists, etc. You get where we’re going with this – there’s basically a ton of ways to get a work out on a stationary bike. When it comes to spin studios, you’re usually going to find some with more of an athletic vibe while others have more of an inspirational or dance party on a bike type vibe. If you’re in the mood for or are the type of person who’s into the dance your ass off on a bike and leave feeling inspired, then you must try Pure Indoor Cycling. It is 100% the dance your ass off on a bike type of class, with some inspirational vibes mixed in. 



Since it was an early morning ride (5:30 am), we assumed Dani would go somewhat easy on us. Boy were we wrong. Dani doesn’t mess around but it’s in the best way. Class started out with some breaths and arm stretches to help wake us up. Then we went right into it with a little G-Eazy “Interlude”, and push ups to tap backs to side to sides. It was a ton of choreography that pretty much set the tone for the class. Danie warned us in the beginning that it was going to be more of a high intensity class, meaning pushing it to the max and then giving us a second to slow down and recover. This class had everything a spin class can: choreography, sprints, isolations, climbs, literally everything. The music was on point, with everything from Tiesto to Ginuwine’s remix of “Pony”. And honestly, who doesn’t appreciate a little “Pony”? For arms, Dani switched it up and had us do reverse bicep curls with our arms up and a lot of shoulder work. It was a nice change from the arms sequence we’re used to in most spin classes. It also didn’t hurt that it was set to “The Fever” by Bassjackers – it was a fun beat with few words. Most spin studios give you a song towards the end that’s “your” song, where you can stay in the saddle, stand up, sprint, isolate … whatever you want, it’s YOUR song. Pure doesn’t disappoint and they call this your “Pure moment”. Dani talked a little in the beginning of the song and really hit us with all the feels. She touched on removing toxic people from your life and doing what’s right for you. It was a beautiful moment and you could feel it touched a lot of people in the room. Class ended with two 30-second sprints, which we think is the perfect way to close out a spin class.


Dani is SUCH a light! Even at 5:30 in the morning, shei was upbeat and full of energy. She truly appeared so excited and happy to be there, even at what is a tough hour for most. She was energetic and you could also tell she was so full of heart, soul, and just overall such a genuine human. She was super tough but encouraging and reminded us not to quit throughout class. Her words of encouragement truly kept us going when we didn’t know if we could. We will say though, if it’s your first spin class ever, she is a bit challenging. She has a lot of choreography and her class is pretty nonstop. Her goal is definitely to push you to your full potential. But her class is one that will leave you feeling everything you want to leave a class feeling and then some.


Upon walking into the studio, we instantly got a good vibe. The check-in area is open, with some high top tables and chairs. If you come early or stay late, you can work on your computer, eat something there, or just sit and chat with a friend. There are also two little cozier chairs to sit in and a cute retail corner with super affordable, like REALLY affordable, stuff. They have a women’s bathroom with hair ties, feminine products, bobby pins, hair spray, blow dryer, flat iron, deodorant, pretty much anything you need. There’s also a unisex bathroom with a shower. They do provide towels, but just for the shower. The locker area is nice but small and did get a little jammed coming out of class. They have water fountains and a water refill station. The studio is clean and everyone was so friendly!

Pure Indoor Cycling

401 W A St #140, San Diego, CA 92101
Downtown Spin $$$

Pure Indoor Cycling

Downtown Spin, $$$

401 W A St #140, San Diego, CA 92101

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