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byAshley Marand, March 6, 2019

Pilates Room is a group format reformer Pilates studio with locations in Downtown San Diego, Mission Gorge, Eastlake/Chula Vista, Mission Valley, Point Loma and Carlsbad. The studio offers a range of reformer classes both adhering to the traditional Pilates format and mixing Pilates with weight training and cardio. It’s a straightforward, simple studio with workouts suitable for all levels of experience that promise to lengthen, tone and tighten all the right muscles in your body.



The Pilates Room schedule offerings range from traditional reformer Pilates classes to Pilates hybrid classes incorporating weights and cardio. We hit up the Reformer Power Abs & Buns, a 50-minute class focusing exclusively on the stomach and glutes (hence the name). The website touts the class as “A mix of Katia’s personal training expertise, Brazilian background and a contemporary approach to Joseph Pilates work”. Katia is the owner of Pilates Room and Joseph Pilates is the creator of the Pilates method, but we’re not sure how the Brazilian background influences the workout. Reformer Power Abs & Buns may also include weights, cardio and boot camp exercises, but the entire class is done on the reformer. Our class specifically used optional ankle weights, a small ball and a larger stability ball. We transitioned quite a bit between the reformer, springboard and mat. Despite the interesting class description, we still found the class to be worthwhile, particularly for those days when you’re craving a workout on the easier side. We broke a light sweat – more of a glisten – and definitely engaged our muscles, but we would’ve appreciated a tougher workout. This class is great for Pilates beginners, but more experienced class-goers may be left wanting more.


Victoria didn’t make the best first impression, but she grew on us by the end of class. Our class was the first of the morning and we arrived before the studio opened. It’s possible she may still have been trying to wake up when she arrived but she didn’t strike us as particularly friendly or inviting after our initial exchange. Being new to the studio, we didn’t receive much direction or information on the space, workout or reformer. Thankfully, we consider ourselves very experienced with the reformer so we were able to hold our own with little introduction. As class got going, Victoria warmed up and more of her personality came through. Her instruction was very calm and patient, especially considering that there were a few students in class who weren’t paying close attention to her directions and required further explanation and demonstration. She offered plenty of refinement cues to ensure we kept good form and stuck with the Pilates’ four-count pace. While she strayed from the class format advertised online, we still enjoyed her sequencing and the use of different equipment to target abs and glutes. At the end of class, she made sure to take time to check-in with us and provide additional information about the studio. Victoria would be a suitable instructor for students with some level of experience in Pilates, but not for advanced students, as the workout wasn’t too elaborate or difficult. We’d recommend being proactive and asking plenty of questions if you don’t understand the reformer machine, equipment or moves, as much of that information wasn’t readily available.


Pilates Room Mission Valley is a slightly difficult studio to find as it’s not visible from the street or parking lot. Your GPS will bring you to the correct location, but you may find yourself circling the parking lot wondering where in the world this studio is. We’d recommend parking in front of Hooters and walking down the brick corridor outside until you see the Pilates Room sign. It sounds easy, but since the signage isn’t visible, it took a little bit of trial and error. The space itself is simple and not the most modern, but it’s clean and functional with sufficient space for each student to work out without feeling on top of one another. The studio uses the traditional reformer machines and while they are certainly older, the machines remained in good shape. There’s a small retail section, mostly with grip toe socks and branded clothing. The restroom is outside the studio and we assume it is shared by the neighboring businesses. It’s a no frills studio, but their pricing is relatively affordable as far as reformer Pilates classes go. If you’re looking for an unpretentious Pilates studio, and you’re an intermediate student with some level of experience with Pilates, Pilates Room Mission Valley could be a good fit for you.

Pilates Room Studios Mission Valley

3683 Midway Drive, Suite "D" San Diego 92110
Mission Valley Pilates $$$$

Pilates Room Studios Mission Valley

Mission Valley Pilates, $$$$

3683 Midway Drive, Suite "D" San Diego 92110

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