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byTaylor Barnes, March 6, 2019

Pilates Room is pretty basic and there are six of them in San Diego. The offer a variety of classes from beginner to more advanced. We love that if you have a package you can go to any of the locations. Like we said, it’s more of a basic studio, so don’t expect the extra-ness some other studios offer. If you’re looking for a decent class that isn’t too hard but will give you a good workout, this studio is perfect.



Upon walking in, it was a little chaotic with the previous class getting out and the students for the 9 am class trying to hustle in. Lynn told us to grab hand weights, a ball, and ankle weights (yes, those weights you wrap around your ankles … we thought they were a little random and dare we say old school? We’ve never used them in a Pilates class but we’re always game for trying new (or old, new haha) things). Anyway, class started with simple stretching and then we laid down on the reformer and used the hand weights while doing a little footwork. Then we moved onto abs with the option of using the ankle weights for a portion of it. That might sound weird but it wasn’t. The class was pretty standard for the most part but definitely focused more on the abs and booty. Of course, we didn’t leave arms out entirely and did a little bit towards the end. Nothing we did was too crazy or difficult and as with most classes, you could go at your own pace/skill level.


We’re going to be honest here. When we walked in, we were a little confused: the studio was chaotic and Lynn seemed somewhat, shall we say, aloof? Well, we shouldn’t have been so quick to judge because she ended up being so great and sweet! She had a lot of good and funny analogies when explaining things, making us smile while also making things easy to understand. She was extremely helpful and hands-on throughout class. She’s confident in her job and seems to be a veteran in the Pilates world.


First of all, the studio isn’t really downtown; we would moreso consider it to be Little Italy. If you’ve lived in San Diego for a while, you probably know parking in Little Italy can be a real pain in the ass. Luckily, we went to a Sunday morning class, but if you go on Saturday morning when the farmers market is going on, it would probably take you a good amount of time to find parking. The studio itself isn’t too big; they don’t even really have a waiting area. People that are there for the next class wait outside and head in when the class gets out. They also don’t offer water – no water bottles or dispensers. They don’t really offer retail aside from a couple tanks and they do carry grip socks, which are required.

Pilates Room Studios Downtown

1702 Kettner Blvd. San Diego CA 92101
Little Italy Pilates $$$$

Pilates Room Studios Downtown

Little Italy Pilates, $$$$

1702 Kettner Blvd. San Diego CA 92101