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byLizzie Valentin, December 9, 2018

With state of the art bikes, speakers, TVs and ride technology, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check our CycleBar Hillcrest. From the moment you walk in until the moment you leave, you see what CycleBar has to offer: complimentary toiletries, shoe rentals, earplugs, water, stats during class, and final stats and the playlist emailed to you. Your money goes a long way. Not to mention their memberships and packs are also very competitive. If you’re ready for a party on a bike, then we suggest checking out CycleBar Hillcrest.



Today, we took the CB Classic Ride. All rides have the same class structure with slight variations. The Classic Ride is a good mix of endurance, group challenges, strength, and resistance. The ride started off with two warm-up songs to ease us into the choreography. After the warm-up, the uphill sprints, tap-backs, challenges, and crunches began. If the push-ups weren’t enough of an upper body workout, the arm song was sure to burn out our arms and left them shaking. CycleBar uses 3-foot bar weights (2- and 4-pound bars are situated by the front wheel). You can choose one or both for your arm song! Two and four pounds seems like nothing, but when you’re pulsing for 30 seconds and working the same muscle, it burns!

The bikes are equipped with monitors that make it fun to track your resistance, power, RPM and calories. The Classic Ride includes a few challenges in each class, but not as many as in their Performance Ride, which offers more challenges/races. During the challenge, the TVs are turned on and you can see your rank. To get high on the scoreboard, make sure your resistance is turned up! Stats are not for everyone, though; for some, the numbers aren’t fun. If this is the case for you, you can go on your account and disable the function or leave your monitor off. CycleBar rides to the beat of the music, which helps you stay on the beat, especially if you don’t have your monitor on. To us, the playlist is a high indicator of the class vibe, and ours included Halsey, French Montana, Rihanna, and Jay Z, making it so much fun to ride to the beat! The ride ended with a 2-minute guided stretch that let us catch our breath and begin our day.


If you’re ready for a butt kicking class with pumping music and energy, check out Kelsey! She’s full of positive energy and was smiling from the time we entered the studio until we left. She shares a positive energy that is contagious, so it was no surprise that we found ourselves smiling even through the tricep burnout and low-resistance sprints. Through the hardest hill runs, Kelsey was able to push us and keep the energy high! The class was done and dusted before we even knew it!


CB Hillcrest is one of the brightest, most spacious, and cleanest spin studios we have visited. The front desk, bathroom area, and Cycle Theatre are fairly spread out. In the Theatre, the bikes aren’t touching and you’re not constantly elbowing your neighbor or scary close to their bum, which we appreciate! The front desk area has a very sleek red and white finish with three check-in iPads. Below the iPads are cubbies numbered for each bike where you’ll find your size spin shoe waiting for you. The best part is that shoe rentals are free! CB Hillcrest also offers free chilled and room temperature water, hair ties, ear plugs, bobby pins, and more. We can definitely see where the monthly fees go! They also have two bathrooms and two showers. Make sure to get to the showers quickly because there will be a short line. If you’re signed up for the evening classes, get there early: CB Hillcrest is located at a very busy shopping center with a couple grocery stores and other studios, so parking gets tight.

CycleBar Hillcrest

1040 University Ave B213, San Diego, CA 92103
Hillcrest Spin $$$

CycleBar Hillcrest

Hillcrest Spin, $$$

1040 University Ave B213, San Diego, CA 92103

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