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byTiffany Hoffman, December 9, 2018

Yoga Sculpt is one of CorePower Yoga’s signature classes. Incorporating weights and strength training movements into a traditional flow, it yields a fun total body workout. The North Park studio is a perfect host for these classes as their sculpt room is large with western light booming in, as well as a door to the outside for much needed fresh air. These classes get H-O-T.



Wait, there are weights used in this yoga class? Yes, yes there are. But don’t let that intimidate you from trying something new. The beautiful thing about the weights is that you can truly modify to your level. Yes, there will be yogis with 12 and 15 lb dumbbells, but there are also those that prefer the 3 and 5 lbs. At the beginning of class, you’ll be asked to grab two sets of weights – one heavy and one light. You’ll use your lighter set in the first part of the workout, building strength before you switch to your heavy set. In a nod to the traditional yoga form, you will always start a Yoga Sculpt class in a peaceful position. After setting our intention for class, we moved through the flow. We transitioned from a reclining bound angle pose, to tabletop, to a set of high planks. After moving all around in high plank, we grabbed our weights for our full body flow. For the first flow, we used our lighter weights for bicep curls, overhead presses, and side squats  – all intermixed with traditional yoga movements. We then dropped our weights for three minutes of cardio. Think mountain climbers, jumping jacks and air squats. Once we finished the heart-pumping cardio series, we picked up our heavy weights and attacked another flow. We ended the strength part of class with one minute of Russian Twists. Finally, we were on our back for happy baby and Savasana. We left class drenched in sweat and feeling great. Pro tip: you’ll get reallllll sweaty and a towel is more of a necessity than a suggestion. We also highly recommend taking a traditional yoga class prior so you are familiar with the basic moves.


Nikki is a joy to take class with. From check-in to Savasana, she makes you feel welcome and assured. She has a bright smile and an infectious mood. Oh, and she’s seriously strong. No joke, she demoed every move with either 10 or 12.5 lb dumbbells. She is extremely technical when explaining the movements and manages to keep the balance of both yogi and bootcamp coach. Her playlist was amazing, consisting of upbeat and high energy EDM. We would happily take any of Nikki’s classes again.


The studio is located in the heart of North Park. It’s very easy to find, but unfortunately, parking is not. We would suggest arriving at least 15-20 minutes ahead of time to look for a spot on the street, or just paying $2 to park in the structure one block away. Upon entering, you’re welcomed into a serene and sparkly space, which is a stark contrast from the hustle and bustle outside. The lobby is large with ample seating, a fireplace, a large retail area and a long two-person check-in desk. There are total of two studio spaces in this location, both with high windows to receive beautiful light. You will find male and female locker rooms with private bathroom stalls, showers and lockers. Keep in mind there are not preexisting locks on the lockers, so either bring your own or ask for one from the front desk. The locker rooms can get crowded and are a little hit or miss when it comes to cleanliness, but overall, a great space to change and get on with your day.

CorePower Yoga North Park

3918 30th St #110, San Diego, CA 92104
North Park Yoga $$$

CorePower Yoga North Park

North Park Yoga, $$$

3918 30th St #110, San Diego, CA 92104

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