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byTori Scott, March 19, 2017
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Lindsey first reached out to us when The Sweat Concierge first launched here in Boston and screamed “THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.” The girl was clearly fired up over what we were building and we knew we had to meet. One SoulCycle class and a three hour coffee date later and it was clear we needed Lindsey to be a part of our team.

We’ve pushed her to add variety into her workout schedule and hit up new classes around town. She quickly found new favorites and has been sweating her way through Pilates, barre, and yoga classes ever since.

Lindsey may look all blonde and cute but this girl has some sass. With a law degree in her back pocket she has a day job heading up business development for a start-up (not ours…just yet).

Check out Lindsey’s studio picks below.


1. SoulCycle

If I had all the money in the world I’d take 7 SoulCycle classes a day. Not for the workout, but just because it’s a really good time. I can zone out, it’s fun, and best of all it doesn’t feel like I’m actually working out! I love the staff – always so nice and cheerful.  After attending the University of Miami, SoulCycle was the closest thing I could find to dancing out on South Beach. Plus, doesn’t hurt that my favorite instructor Erin Lindsay always make sure that I get the most intense workout possible 🙂 F the calorie counting watches, you know you’re going to burn calories and a whole lot more in Erin’s class.


2. Barry’s Bootcamp

I hate Barry’s and love it at the same time. I still can’t even figure out if this treadmill workout is better or worse than running on my on. Yet somehow I keep on coming back for more. I love the SCENE – the loud music and the lighting. Let’s be honest, I could always use some weights in my life. And what I really love is not being able to walk for the next few days. What I don’t love is that I feel like the most out of shape, incapable runner ever when I’m on this treadmill running next to all the other legit athletes.



3. H.Y.P Studio

Hands down the best hot yoga studio in Boston, and dare I say it – Massachusetts. Still searching for one that comes close to it in this city. Back when I lived in the suburbs I would go there daily and sometimes even double up. When I go back home to see family, I still stop in. The heat of the room is unbelievable in the winter and it’s the best stretch of my life! You sweat so much and feel detoxed – this class plus a coconut water after  night out of drinking will have your skin glowing and you will feel refreshed. Hey, H.Y.P, please open a studio in the city… pretty please!


4. btone

I do it for the ab workout! Before this place I was a cardio-whore. I love that you leave shaking and that my abs have never had such an intense workout ever before. One class a week here makes a huge difference. This is the type of place that you see results from and FEEL lean, long and toned. Before bikini season I will be making this a regular daily workout.


5. FlyWheel

I love SoulCycle so much so I almost feel like I’m cheating butttttt I have to. I started going to FlyWheel when I hurt my ankle and couldn’t run. I tried a few classes and found myself returning over and over again. There’s almost no thought to it, just straight cardio and following clear direction. No emotional journey here, no feeling the music, just straight intervals on a bike and hard work. 45 minutes in and out – BOOM. DONE.

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