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byTori Scott, May 14, 2017
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When we started filling in our master excel doc of every studio and every instructor in Boston we realized we had a problem, a big problem. CorePower Yoga has five studios in the Boston area with over 100 instructors and we had no one on our team from the CorePower community. We needed someone to sweat with a lot of CorePower instructors. Enter Kelsey. It must have been fate when Kelsey reached out to us, but we haven’t looked back since. She’s our resident CorePower guru and lover of everything the studio has to offer. She’s not all yoga though, this girl loves to spin and box as well. A technical project manager by day, Kelsey helps facilitate building websites for clients at a local agency in Southie. We might just have to enlist her to wrangle us in the future ;).

Check out Kelsey’s studio picks below.


1. CorePower Yoga

“Yoga practice can be intimidating but CorePower makes it feel accessible. I never considered myself a yogi but was looking to de-stress so tried out a C1 class. One year and hundreds of C2 and yoga sculpt classes later I have found a great balance between working out for both physical and mental benefits. I love the upbeat intensity you get with a yoga sculpt class and seeing the same friendly faces who show up every week at 6am. C2 class builds muscle and flexibility but challenges me even more mentally. Sure it’s fun to work on inversions but I see the greatest benefit from my C2 classes when I focus on flowing and feeling every movement.”


2. B/SPOKE Studios

“All I can say is YASSSS. Every single instructor here is flawless. The studio is gorgeous, the music is unreal, and the workout is insane. This spin class motivates me to push myself yet keep me in tune with what my body is doing. By the end of class you feel like a total bad ass. What’s better than a luxurious shower after an intense workout? B/SPOKE’s well stocked locker rooms with Aesop products keep me coming back for more.”



3. EverybodyFights

“Bag and Beats with Candice Peak is my favorite class at EverybodyFights. I love the combination of choreography and strength she brings to her class. I like to take a boxing class once a week to mix it up and absolutely destroy my arms. If you’re brave, give the Train 360 class a shot. After a 50+ burpee experience I’m working up the nerve to sign up for that class again. Worth mentioning is how Insta-grammable EBF is…I like a little glam with my grit and that’s exactly what EBF serves up!”


4. FlyWheel Sports

Classic. If I want to bust my butt and burn some serious calories FlyWheel is my go-to. Being the competitor that I am once I see those numbers up on the board I can’t help but get after it. The need to break 300 motivates me (like I said absurdly competitive). FlyWheel instructors are also legit; I’m never worried about who is teaching I know it’ll be a good class. The playlists are good and the choreography is solid. Now if FlyWheel would just open another location in Boston so I can stop getting lost in the Pru every time!


5. Y7 Yoga

Cheating a little with this one as their current closest location is in NYC. But after one “We Flow Hard” class I was hooked. I loved the old school hip hop they played during class. The room is dark and just allows you to feel the music and flow through your practice. I’m a rule follower in class so actually being instructed to flow on my own was pretty cool. Whenever I’m in NYC I always make time to hit up Y7.

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