Jess Tepper

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byTori Scott, February 27, 2017
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In an effort to help you better get to know the people behind The Sweat Concierge, we’re bringing you this week’s feature from a different kind of fitness face: the people who work here. In this edition, meet Reviewer Jess Tepper.

From the moment we met Jess we knew it was a match made in heaven. She showed up for the interview at sweetgreen clad in workout gear and said she was coming straight from a “triple”. A triple? Damn we liked her already. When we dug a little deeper it turns out that Jess was a creative writing major in college. Win win. When Jess is not sweating at studios she dances for DanceWorks Boston, which is no small feat. She also works for a local start up LeanBox who are helping to revolutionize the breakroom with healthy snacks and clean meals.

Check out her studio picks below.


1. 305 Fitness

“What is better working out,without even realizing you’re working out. Seriously, you don’t even notice you’re sizzling cals with non-stop cardio while toning up thanks to some sneaky body weight exercises between the booty shakes and hair whips. At the end of class you’re thinking, ‘ Wait, that was so fun, is this even allowed?’ Yes, yes it is ☺”


2. Turnstyle Bootcamp

“For me fitness isn’t all about losing weight. Sure, that’s part of it, but I love walking out of a workout feeling strong. When I leave Bootcamp I have that ‘got swole swag.’ Maybe it’s because I’m a performer, but it makes me work harder when I see myself in the mirror, muscles flexed, lifting a weight above my head. I want to push myself a little bit further every single class.”



3. SoulCycle

“There’s nothing better than starting your day with a kick ass, high energy soul ride. You don’t only push past physical barriers in that spin cave, you center your mind too. When those lights come on and you leave the room there’s a lightness about you, and it’s not just from all the calories you’ve burned! I try to start each week this way chasing away the remnants of the Sunday Scaries one tap back at a time, starting every week energized and smiling.”

4. Mystryde

“I’m not a runner in the sense that I go outside and get in a 5 mile run a few times a week, so for me, when I push myself to run for 45 minutes at a time I feel like I can accomplish anything. It’s more than just a physical workout, and oh my GOD is it a serious sweat sesh, but a mental push for me to not give up. Really, after that class if you asked me to jump out of a plane I’d be like “ YEP, LET’S DO IT!” That runner’s high feeling is something I crave.”


5. Exhale

“Barre makes me feel strong in a long and lean way. I love isolating each muscle and working the sh*t out of it so that it shakes and changes. Barre is so cool because you can pick and choose exactly how you want to tone your body. It’s a low impact workout aka easy on the knees and hips, and still changes your body so quickly! Also, barre tightens my core in a way that helps me get through bootcamp, running and spin workouts. It is a really great foundation for everything else I like to do!”

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