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byTori Scott, March 12, 2017
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We first met Carolyne McManama on the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard in our “Pre-Sweat Concierge” life. When summers were about fun in the sun and less about stress and deadlines. She showed up for an outdoor bootcamp class and we put her through the ringer. She loved every minute of it (or so she told us).

Fast forward 6 months after our tan wore off and we decided to start this little start-up. After quickly realizing we were going to need more people, more voices, more personalities and most importantly more people who liked to exercise in different ways. We went calling that bad-ass girl we met back on “island-time”. Turns out she loves to workout at boutique studios and write about it. We lucked out.

These days Carolyne can be found sweating around Boston at just about any class. You name it, she’s tried it or is willing to try it. From barre to spinning, hot yoga, CrossFit, Pilates and anything in between. We love that about her.

Also, her day job also has her rubbing shoulders with Red Sox players. NBD. We’re still waiting on our invite to Fenway.

Check out her studio picks below.


1. Exhale

No matter what the class or who the instructor is, I always know I’ll be getting a high-quality workout when I go to Exhale. That’s a constant. I stand by the belief that the Core Fusion Barre classes are the best in Boston. It is hands-down the hardest barre class in town. Sometimes during the “shake zone” of thigh work I actually wonder why I do this to myself. But then I take a look in the mirror and I know why (hair flip emoji).


2. The Handle Bar

Walking into The HandleBar Studio I’m always greeted with a huge smile from the front desk. They actually remember my name and shoe size. Now that’s service! And what’s even cooler? That positive energy continues throughout the entire studio. Taking a HandleBar class rejuvenates my positive vibes and helps balance me out. I love the sense of community that the HandleBar fosters.  If you visit the studio a few times a week, you’re sure to become part of the HB fam. Lucky you!



3. CrossFit Southie

The workouts at Crossfit Southie are no joke. I especially love the Saturday morning WOD. There’s nothing better than a total ass-kick to start a boozy weekend. “Detox to Retox” is basically my MO. Whatever the WOD may be, one thing is certain – I will be challenged to my limits. Also, the coaches are some of the best I’ve seen in the CrossFit world. They’re knowledgeable, hands-on and just plain friendly. So I may be absolutely demolished by the end of class, but I was sweating with a solid crew.


4. Turnstyle Cycle

The spin classes at Turnstyle Ink Block are bigger than most other spin studios in the city. And (sorry instructors) it’s easy to hide out in the back. But sometimes retreating to the back and totally dogging it is necessary. When I need to get lost in the music, close my eyes and sweat my butt off, I head to Turnstyle. The place is dark and the music is bumpin. It’s one of my favorite ways to shake off a stressful work day.


5. btone

“btone is a newer addition to my workout regimen. I wanted to compliment my heavy cardio schedule with some serious tone. And btone did not disappoint. At first glance, I was a little intimidated by the torture machine that is the Pilates Megaformer. But once I got the hang of it, I really saw the benefits of this type of workout. It’s extremely hard. I usually find myself dripping sweat and at some point, struggling to continue. But it’s almost bikini season so I guess the struggle is real.

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