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byHannah Sackett, December 29, 2017

Want some high flying thrills on the way to getting sexy Michelle Obama worthy arms? Or abs that could rival JLo’s? Spiderbands is a workout web that you are going to want to get caught in. This studio and concept gives the typically dreaded resistance band training a fun and sexy new rep. Yep, it’s all about the bands which take away the limits that pesky gravity puts on our sweat sessions. Oh yea…. and they make basic movements like running in place that much tougher and more effective. The spider goddess giveth and she taketh away.

With something as simple as bands hanging from the ceiling, this sexy spider squad is able to offer attendees 7 different class offerings!!! Well, damn that’s creative. The workout types incorporate kickboxing, bosu, circuit, trampoline, and strength training, just with an airborne twist… Speaking of which they have a “fly zone” with classes targeted at those of us who believe we can fly, believe we can touch the sky – sing it with me SC fam!!! Now just because you do get to do some flying and there are no burpees or weights involved, doesn’t mean you should write this studio off. Those who underestimate will start to see puddles of their own sweat in mere minutes of hopping on their spider. So, think you can hang?



Like a fine signature cocktail, this class gives you the true essence of what the Spiderbands concept is all about. Here the item attached to both bands includes a bar and handles. See where this is going….. While pull ups aren’t everyone’s strong suit, the bar beneath your feet gives you a little boost so that you can do things like oh I don’t know a aerial tuck hold (knees to chest, suspended in air, using your abs and arms to hold you up). Now before you freak out and think….ugh I can’t do that, you really really can. That’s the whole point of the bands. They won’t do the work for you, but they will allow you to do moves that are usually only approachable to athletes or acrobats.  

For the entire warm up your feet stay on the ground with your hands against bar pressing into it while you run in place, do skaters, or squat. Once you start getting a feel for the resistance is when you start with the hoping section where  your feet come off the ground really building out that ab strength. This class  has a 4 moves at a time structure that is repeated over and over. And though your working the whole body, it is a REALLY arm heavy class. You will wrap the whole class up with an ab targeting section all with bar in hand.


The Black Widow and Head Spidress herself, Franci is the founder of Spiderbands and one hell of an instructor. Its funny because she doesn’t come off as a big personality at first. More reserved, humble, on the quieter side. But like good prey we are lulled into a sense of false security. This may be a genius move on her part to distract us from any fear of the bands.

Post-warm up the music goes up a little louder, the speed increases, and Franci is in full Spider Mode! Now, she will never call anyone out for slacking she will absolutely hand out kudos – “see the way Katie is doing it, that’s it!”. Needless to say we had a little fun playing teachers pet – it was surprisingly motivating. She is a stickler for form and effort. Working the full room, she is phenomenal at giving each person attention which also means there is nowhere to hide. And, while most of us get chummy with instructors you get the sense that Franci is truly and personally invested in the progress of her regulars. All the feels guys, all the feels.


This is a top of the line studio with all the luxury bells and whistles that are slowly become the norm in the boutique fitness universe. The first and only stand alone location for the brand, but it sure as sh#*% stands to compete. Hell the locker rooms alone could get its own article in life & style. Perfect lighting, a giant OOTD mirror, and all of the essentials that you forgot – hair ties, q tips, lotion, and beyond.

Spiderband’s home is a multi level studio with fly zone studio upstairs and regular studio, lockers, and cush locker rooms downstairs. Each class can hold about 20 to 24 spiders.  And while it is a little unsettling at first that you are super close to the person next you, you won’t ever have an issue running into each other while flailing about, I mean flying…flying majestically. Finding your spot, that on the other hand is virtually impossible – we still don’t know where the numbers are listed!! But, since you can’t really set up your own bands anyway (there are different height and resistance settings) there are lovely staff to guide each person in.

Want to snag pics or boomerangs, ‘cause when else will any of us mere mortals be able to do a true superman push up? You will have to keep it out of the studio. There is a fairly strict policy about phones in the studios. But never fear, they have two sets of resistance bands hanging at the front lobby with a very inst worth “wanna hang?” sign on the wall. Wheeew… I mean if we can’t gram it, did we even workout?


12 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003
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