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byBrady Delaney, October 22, 2017

When a workout is dubbed “pilates on crack”, you know you’re in for the real deal. SLT (Strength, Lengthen, Tone) is a genius mix of pilates and strength training that uses resistance weight on a Megaformer. Whether it be planking, twisting, lunging or pulsing, you will shake shake shake and be sore in places you didn’t know existed after this full body workout. At $40 a class (*$20 for your first time), SLT is at the height of the NYC workout class expense barometer, but produces real results and is often a favorite pre-wedding, must-fit-into-my-jean-shorts workout. Even if you could afford it, SLT is not designed to be done every day. You should aim for 1-3 (max) times a week. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t catch the SLT bug the first time around; most people don’t feel comfortable until they have a few classes under their belt. And one more PSA: this is not a workout you want to attempt after one too many margaritas. Show up ready to focus and dig deep.



Each routine at SLT is different, but generally starts with a warmup to get the blood flowing and then moves into leg, oblique and core series with a bit of arms and cardio sprinkled in throughout the 50 minutes. Whether the move be a plank, pike, push up, squat, teaser, mermaid, scrambled egg, bear (to name a select few of SLT’s gazillion moves), you can expect to be in it for roughly 45-90 seconds. Luckily, the name of the game at SLT is fast transitions and before you know it, you’ll be on to the next move.


Yoo-Sun is one of SLT’s toughest instructors, but her intensity is balanced by her patience and undeniable “cool factor’. Yoo-Sun is the perfect instructor to take if you’re just getting your feet wet with SLT, but you’ll also likely want to stick with her if/when you get hooked. Her classes at SLT SoHo are usually balanced between core/oblique work and legs, but your arms rarely get off easy. To top it all off, she is a former musician and her playlists don’t let you forget it. Give Yoo-Sun a try, your body will thank you.


SLT studios are lean and mean. With 10 Megaformers and two bathrooms (no locker room/showers), the SLT Soho 10th floor studio is designed for class-goers to get in and get out. The elevator opens up to a room full of Megaformers, a check-in desk with the essentials (hair ties, gum, bottles of water for $1) and cubbies to stash your stuff.

SLT Soho

132 Crosby Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10012
SoHo Pilates $$$$$

SLT Soho

SoHo Pilates, $$$$$

132 Crosby Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10012

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