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byBrady Delaney, July 11, 2017

Generally we prefer early morning workouts if we can force ourselves out of bed, but we decided to switch it up and try Jill DeMarco’s class after work. From the minute we arrived at her 6:30 PM class, we were very quickly rethinking my normal routine. The SLT Flatiron studio was buzzing from the 5:30 PM class that had just finished and, judging by the red and sweaty faces, we knew we were in for a tough one. Jill was worth the routine change. She started with a chill-ish warm-up and quickly moved into a challenging full body workout. We left feeling energized and motivated.



Each routine at SLT is different, but generally starts with a warmup to get the blood flowing and then moves into leg, oblique and core series with a bit of arms and cardio sprinkled in throughout the 50 minutes. Whether the move be a plank, pike, push up, squat, teaser, mermaid, scrambled egg, bear (to name a select few of SLT’s gazillion moves), you can expect to be in it for roughly 45-90 seconds. Luckily, the name of the game at SLT is fast transitions and before you know it, you’ll be on to the next move.


Jill DeMarco brings the heat! Her routines are tough – we walked out looking like we had just jumped in the Hudson River. But don’t be intimidated, because Jill offers variations depending on your level so you can take it at your own pace, and her energy encourages you to push your limits. Rather than adjusting each individual, she will voice general adjustments to the class which is great if you’d prefer not to be picked on 🙂


SLT Flatiron is incredibly conveniently located and is definitely one of the most popular studios. Similar to other SLT locations, the room is filled with 12 Megaformers, two bathrooms (no showers), a front desk and cubbies to stash your stuff.

SLT Flatiron

137 5th Ave, Floor 2, New York, NY 10010
Flatiron Pilates $$$$$

SLT Flatiron

Flatiron Pilates, $$$$$

137 5th Ave, Floor 2, New York, NY 10010

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