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byBrady Delaney, July 11, 2017

After an indulgent weekend, we decided to kick it into high gear and give the Advanced Technique class at New York Pilates SoHo a go. We know what you’re thinking … how advanced is advanced? The website recommends 20-30 NYP classes before doing this one, but we think non-expert level pilates peeps can get through it. The moves are more focused on technique, smaller movements and balance. Your moves may not be perfect, but you can definitely follow along with the choreography.



The class started with a slower warmup: think opening up the legs and hips. From there, we moved into the leg series: leg presses, lunges, and squats, to name just a few of the moves. Even though you feel like you are using your abs at all times in this class, there was a dedicated core/oblique series that was no joke. Similar to NYP’s Abs Arms Ass class, we utilized props in addition to the Reformer.


The classes at NYP are on the smaller side and Rhys really paid attention to each person. He was quick to adjust and repeat instruction when necessary. His class was creative and hit every body part, even some we didn’t know we had! Rhys gives off a chill, hipster vibe from his music to his way cool t-shirt. He could definitely tell we were not Pilates experts – but thankfully he let it slide.


The steep stairs leading to the third floor SoHo studio feel like they take an eternity to climb, but the studio is ultra hip! The room has a similar setup to the West 3rd and Bowery NYP locations – one large open room with two different studios on either side. They have a retail section, bathrooms (but no showers), and stadium style benches that double as cubbies/storage behind the front desk.

New York Pilates Soho

5 Howard St, New York, NY 10013
SoHo Pilates $$$$$

New York Pilates Soho

SoHo Pilates, $$$$$

5 Howard St, New York, NY 10013

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