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byAshley Lyddane Beberus, December 10, 2017

The Monster Cycle is the evil twin to SoulCycle. There’s a goth meets biker meets metal vibe throughout its space. The class is a straight-up spin class, with nothing distracting you from that bike, although they try by playing music videos to accompany the class playlist. While our instructor Erika looked like a hardass, she was actually extremely motivating with a positive spin, which was a pleasant surprise. She was by far the best thing about our experience at The Monster Cycle SoHo.



Class was a straightforward interval-based workout, but the intervals were long and tested our endurance. We used moderate to heavy resistance, either seated or standing out of the saddle. Don’t go in expecting any bells and whistles or choreography to keep it interesting; this isn’t the place for that – you just ride. After several hills, some breakaways and a couple of sprints to flush our legs, we did an arm workout with small weights (two to five pounders) for about four minutes. The arm workout was hard but basic. The ride was more of an anaerobic workout based on the resistance levels we used. It wasn’t the sweatiest class we’ve ever taken but our legs were dead tired.


Erika looks the part for Monster Cycle, aka she’s a total badass. Despite that, she was very welcoming and motivational throughout our ride. And even though there were only five people in our class, Erika gave us her all. She wanted us to stay with her especially when it came to the resistance throughout class. She generously peppered in breaks/recovery (one was a minute long!) so she expected us to push through the discomfort. Erika worked on a scale of 1 – 10 to communicate the level of expected exertion, which was helpful because the turns on the bike were tough to get right. Erika’s music was very electro-heavy but we expected that based on her Instructor bio. Erika’s words of inspiration and her own work ethic got us through the ride. She burned through class with us and casually mentioned that she would be running the NYC marathon over the weekend… again, badass.


Monster Cycle definitely put a lot of thought into their decor/theme, however there’s a lot of wasted space and it falls short when it comes to functional space. They went all in on the cool factor: black paint, funky chandeliers, neon lighting and we’re pretty sure we saw a bar as we went downstairs to the locker/studio area. However, the studio and the bathrooms leave a lot to be desired.

The Monster Cycle studio is outfitted with Schwinn bikes, which are frustrating to deal with especially in comparison to the newer bikes on the market. The bikes are hard to adjust and the resistance knob takes two to three songs to get used to. The unique thing about the studio is that they have two big screens to play music videos throughout class. This was cool but didn’t wow us as much as we expected.

The lockers are keyless lockers and we tried about six of them before we found one that worked. The most frustrating thing was the showers. There are only two showers at the location, which is a nightmare but even worse, they are dark AF. There’s no overhead lighting in the shower and while we understand the theme, this is not only annoying but also hazardous. Oh, and try putting your makeup on with a neon pink glow all over your face. Not ideal.

The Monster Cycle Soho

182 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013
SoHo Spin $$$

The Monster Cycle Soho

SoHo Spin, $$$

182 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013

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