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byTori Scott, September 14, 2015

What we love most about Orangetheory is that it is accessible for all fitness levels and ages. The fitness franchise now has close to 500 locations around the globe. What started in Florida has grown into quite the business. It is not something to be intimidated by. It is 60 minutes start to finish of being uncomfortable (in a good way), getting your heart rate jacked up and sweating a lot. If you like interval based training (we’re talking short bursts of speed followed by recovery) then you will like Orangetheory. When you have 60 minutes to spare near Brighton, Orangetheory is guaranteed for a good workout. Get in, get and get out, and get a good sweat in. It never disappoints.



Every day the workout at Orangetheory is different which we love, but the premise always remains the same day in and day out. You wear a heart rate monitor and your stats are projected on a TV screen throughout class. Your goal is to get your heart rate into the “Orange Zone” for approximately 12-20 minutes of the 60 minute workout. If you want to read more about science behind the Orange Zone please do so here. We don’t have time to explain it. Just know that the Orange Zone is where the magic happens and you have to push yourself to get there.

During the 60 minute workout you will spend time at three stations: treadmill, rowing, and floor.

The treadmill portion of the workout is comprised of running or walking between your “Base Pace”, “Push Pace” and “All Out”. “Base Pace” is a speed you can run/walk a 5K at, “Push Pace” is a speed that you could run/walk a mile at, and “All Out Pace” is a SPRINT! Times, distances and incline vary depending on the workout.

The rowing portion is on a water based rower and is typically done for distance in meters.

The floor portion is a combination of bodyweight exercises, dumbbell movements, TRX exercises, and core work. All movements are demonstrated and even displayed on the TV monitor throughout the workout if you need a reminder.


The coach of the class was very friendly and did his best to keep us all moving to the proper stations, but we weren’t too impressed with his coaching skills (form critique and motivational skills) during the class it felt more like he was reading off a playbook rather then encouraging the class to push into the “Orange Zone”.


The Brighton Orangetheory studio itself is orange and when we say orange we mean very orange. Orange walls, orange bathrooms, orange floors, orange rowers, orange toilet paper (just kidding).
The place is squeaky clean and new. There are 2 showers and 2 bathrooms for your use before or after class.

Orangetheory Fitness Brighton

375 Market Street, Boston, MA 02135
Brighton HIIT $$$

Orangetheory Fitness Brighton

Brighton HIIT, Bootcamp $$$

375 Market Street, Boston, MA 02135