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byKelsey Schachter, September 8, 2017

Down Under Yoga Brookline was one of the more authentic yoga experiences we’ve had. The studio staff is zen, the students are zen, and the space is zen (ie very strict on the no cell phone policy, but enforced in the most yogi way). Expect to feel relaxed, centered, and stretched. Do not expect to work up a sweat. Depending on the day you might luck out like we did and have a second instructor assisting the class, providing additional hand on assists.



Flow at Down Under Yoga Brookline is a creative take on a vinyasa class.  It’s important to note that this is not a heated class. Class started out with the typical Sun A- mountain, hands to heart, back to mountain, forward fold, to halfway lift. From there the options were plank, drop to knees, or perform full chattarunga. This moved slowly and deliberately, once in downward dog we spent a full 3 breaths in that pose. Then we jumped, walked, or floated forward to the top of our mats to repeat the sequence. We picked up a great tip for jumping forward during this sequence, the key is to think of your hands as resisting the mat, seriously helped our hang time in the air- handstands we’re coming for you!

In the next flow sequence, we focused on extended side angle with arm variations eventually working into a bind. Keeping that bind we pushed off our back leg into half-moon and played with our gaze. Looking back at your toes is super challenging! This Sun B sequence remained slow and steady throughout, instead of using speed to add difficulty, layers were added on top of each pose to increase the difficulty. Props were utilized the entire class, it was helpful having the instructor explain the purpose behind using the prop for each pose. All of this worked us up for the peak pose ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana aka half bound lotus seated forward fold.


Kate Heffernan is a super knowledgeable yoga instructor. She led us through a creative and somewhat complicated set of poses, along the way providing detailed explanations abehind the meaning and purpose of each pose. Kate fostered a positive and supportive energy throughout her class. Giving personal shout outs to people doing well and providing pointers for those in need of adjustments. Kate made being at a new studio a non-issue, she explained and demoed everything so you never got that I’m new here and totally lost feeling.


The woman at the check-in desk was super friendly and immediately explained where everything was, we love not having to hunt down where the water is! The space itself is a bit of a wonky layout but is working with what it’s got. The lack of open space in the lobby area does cause some congestion right before and after class, however everyone is easy going about it so not a major issue. Just plan accordingly, trying to rush in or out of there would be tricky. Down Under Yoga is equipped with two showers, two bathrooms, and two studios: one upstairs, one downstairs. The studios themselves are spacious, and even better have markers on the floor indicating where mats should go. This is seriously genius, it takes away the awkwardness of uneven yoga matt rows!

Down Under Yoga Brookline

1054 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446
Brookline Yoga $$

Down Under Yoga Brookline

Brookline Yoga, $$

1054 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

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