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byMel Klein, February 5, 2017

BSC Lab (formerly BFX Studio) is the brainchild of Town Sports International (the people who own Boston Sports Clubs). BSC Studio is the globo gym chain answer to creating a “boutique” fitness experience. We use the term “boutique” lightly because while BSC may have that high-end feel, it definitely is not highly specialized. They offer a wide variety of fitness classes ranging from barre to high-intensity boxing. Whichever realm of the fitness world you fall into, there is a class that caters to your needs.



Don’t come looking to get your cardio burn on at BFX Lift. This class is designed to target and tone specific muscle groups, which means it moves at a slower pace. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy breezy; instead of gasping for air your muscles will be screaming for mercy. On the special Wednesday we visited, class targeted the lower bodies of the 12 people in attendance, specifically our gluteus maximus–and as we well know, everyone loves to tone up that peach.

The class was broken up into three stations:

• Station 1: Kettlebell deadlift and walking lunges
• Station 2: Weighted glute bridges and curtsy lunges with dumbbells
• Station 3: Skater lunges and ab ball roll outs with roll-out hip bridges

We spent 10 minutes at each station, completing two rounds of 15 reps of each movement. In between each station was snuck in some Tabata-style core work with planks variations and reverse crunches, just in case we weren’t already feeling the burn (hint: we were).

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “30 reps of each movement in 10 minutes? What a joke and waste of $35!” Yeah, we kind of had the same thoughts. But our butts will be the first to tell you that when we got out of bed that next morning, those 30 reps were enough to feel the burn and then some.

If you’re looking to add strength training into your weekly routine with targeted work so as to make sure no muscle group goes left untoned, BFX Lift is a great option. Our only concern is that BFX Lift and BFX Endure classes are designed to go hand-and-hand. So in order to get results, you should be buying into their entire workout program, which means signing up for a membership. We’re not quite ready for that level of commitment. If you’re not either, specific goals might be harder to reach if you are a casual drop in or ClassPass member.


Don’t let her pint size frame fool you, Cassie means business and we love her for that. She is extremely knowledgable in the personal training world and her class, movement demonstrations (why does she make everything look so damn easy?) and behind-the-science explanations of what we were actually trying to accomplish in this fateful hour were perfect examples. She was commanding and made sure that everyone was getting the attention they needed, be it encouragement, modifications or movement adjustments.


The upside to a large globo gym chain trying their hand in the boutique fitness scene is space. We must say it was a nice change of pace to not wait in line to shower, take our time spreading out in the locker room and drying our hair without ten girls breathing down our necks. Space is nice, we forgot what if felt like.

The main entrance on Boylston Street leads you to the front desk and a small retail area with cute BSC-branded workout gear. The fitness classes, spin studio, personal training area, and locker rooms are all located downstairs … underground. None of the rooms are huge but they do make good use of the space. There is even a “social bar” with magazines and computers in case you need to catch up on your celebrity gossip before class. The locker rooms are spacious and include showers, toilets, lockers, free products, and towel service just like many of the other newer gyms in the area.


699 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116
Back Bay HIIT $$$$


Back Bay HIIT, Barre, Boxing $$$$

699 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116